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Thread: Dell Latitude E4310 problems with dell dock and Ubuntu

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    Dell Latitude E4310 problems with dell dock and Ubuntu

    I have a latest Dell Latitude E4310 associated to a Dell dock with Ubuntu 10.10. The Dell dock is associated or connected to two monitors, one DVI and another VGA. While I unplug the laptop from the dock and I release the screen it is empty and it is not possible to begin it even through scripts, later than that if I plug the laptop in the dock another time it seem that the laptop do not connect with the monitors, mouse or keyboard and the just thing I can perform is turn off the laptop by touching the button for some seconds. Do anyone know what is happens? Please provide a few ideas about this issue.

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    Re: Dell Latitude E4310 problems with dell dock and Ubuntu

    I am quite a novice in Ubuntu. I am apologetic to ask such a problem but I did not discover a solution. I purchased a Dell Latitude E4310 among video card Intel GMA Hard Drive. While I begin Ubuntu on an USB key not trouble eth0, Wi-Fi and even the included webcam works! After that I decide to setup it on the entire disk. The whole thing was okay, but while I start again I find a black screen and I hear the slight music which means that I am on the login window. What is actually amusing is that if I place an external screen on the VGA port, it is spotted so which I can do the whole thing on this exterior screen. The amazing thing is that if I eliminate the plug, the inner screen of my laptop works well and I can do the whole thing devoid of any troubles. Is there any method to obtain the internal screen be spotted by default?

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    Re: Dell Latitude E4310 problems with dell dock and Ubuntu

    I have established this on the GRUB, you edit and modify quiet splash by NOMODESET single. After that it starts with a few menus like repair mistakes connect with essential graphism. You select attach with basic graphism. At the last part the grahism is okay and the whole thing is very well. After that I have made this modify permanent on my GRUB so that each time I begin the computer, I should click on two menus to obtain the right login windows, it is not a good solution. Anyone comprised an improved one?

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    Re: Dell Latitude E4310 problems with dell dock and Ubuntu

    I have acquired a Dell Latitude E4310 operating Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop x64. It enclosed an Intel HD graphics card. I have got two quite main problems with it and I cannot appear to find the solution. I and an associate have been tinkering with it for the very last couple of hours devoid of much development.
    1. If you plug in an exterior display and enable it, it immediately becomes the default. By that I mean the entire menu bars shift over to the exterior display. This is not what I require, and extremely maddening especially because if I unplug with no turning off the display, I cannot find to the system menu to turn it off.
    2. If I enable the exterior, immobilize it and after that re-enable it once more, it tough locks up my machine.

    Any assist would be valued.

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