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Thread: How to put applications on my ipod

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    How to put applications on my ipod

    Regarding this issue I have tried many solutions but till now I am not able to get the perfect solution so if regarding this issue anybody has solution then please help me over here. I just forget to tell you my issue in this I put applications (games) in iTunes but I do not know how to put them on my iPod touch 8G I synchronizer fine 15 times its done nothing so please help me.

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    Re: How to put applications on my ipod

    Upstairs there are marked (Fischer; Edition, Presentation, controls, Store, Advanced, Help) Ben you click on Store after you mark veras Allow the computer and voila you click. I would like to know how to put games in my iPod Touch because I try a lot of faith to put in my IPod Touch, I am not able to but I cons reuse download in Itunes j ' love only what a clearer answer me thank you.

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    Re: How to put applications on my ipod

    Well, I had the same problem, I found by myself. I do not know if it will work for you too. Already taking applications for free or not free in the iTunes Store. She will appear in the Library only. Then click on your iPod (under the library), you have a photo of your iPod and above, tabs, right click and check the applications selected round, then select any application and confirm the lower right. I hope you have help.

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    Re: How to put applications on my ipod

    I make a good resume, having the same problem and me well informed on the subject is me myself who sticks x) First possible case, you have the tab "Applications" in the summary sheet [which I did not] in which case you run into problems if you have to click on "store" (in the bar at the top of iTunes) and " authorize the computer (which is pretty simple either) Second possible case [in my case to me] You download the application and you do not know where to click to install them because the tab "administration" does not appear in the summary sheet (which is a little complqiue: s). I think it should be possible to AC in 2 ways:
    - Buy the software version of the newest iPod
    - Download itouch and traffic his way to ladle and a little hard(To see, it can work too)
    If somebody has a 3rd case "problematic" I would add to this post if I manage to edit, and if someone, a kind soul could help, it would be nice, here is more on this.

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    Re: How to put applications on my ipod

    Hello I have several computers on my application, but on my ipod though I do not sync several times its not working! Can you help me? I have the same problem I have itunes on the top left from the application or there are many games downloaded on itunes. When I go on my machine I go to the Applications tab I ticked the applications to sync but it does not work that puts nothing on my ipod touch. I also cleared the computer but it puts me that I must first authorized the computer when it's done. I do not know what to do someone have any idea of what does not?

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    Re: How to put applications on my ipod

    No need to pay to register. I myself just to do so. In fact, when he asks you banking information, you can check "none." By cons, you need to complete Part address. (Too bad, I wanted to remain confidential but good) Here, I have no wifi but tonight I'll try at home. It really seems to be the best technique. So I think you just follow this and you will get out of your trouble.

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