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Thread: Validity vfs300 fingerprint sensor does not work in Dell

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    Validity vfs300 fingerprint sensor does not work in Dell

    Hello my friends , I have got a Dell Laptop system and I have installed Windows 7 Professional, along with it my laptop also contains a Validity vfs300 fingerprint sensor.Everything works fine in my laptop except for that sensor.I do not know why it happens , it does not recognize and detect my finger prints any more. When checked in device manager, I do not find any issue in it , because the biometric device which is used as a sensor in the laptops does not come up with any issue at all, shows up fine with no problems as Validity Sensor, I need you people’s help as I cannot put any security measures on my laptop, I want my laptop to be secured as it contains a lot of sensitive data of the company for which I work, please help me out if any body can comment on this issue, I am eagerly waiting for your issue.

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    Re: Validity vfs300 fingerprint sensor does not work in Dell

    You can install a DigitalPersona Personal tool , but it should be of the 4.11.3825 version, you can see whether it recognizes the validity sensor, but since you have the validity sensor of version , I do not think it will detect it, and that biometric device must also be present in the control panel. But somehow make I work, because you will not be needing the DigiatalPersona personal tool if you have the Validity sensor installed.

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    Re: Validity vfs300 fingerprint sensor does not work in Dell

    After doing a lot of research on the net I have finally found out the exact solution for the snsor device and how to make Validity VFS301 sensor work with Digital Persona software under Windows 7 64 bit operating system platform.I will recommend not to install WBF drivers from the net , because once you install these drivers you will not be able to do website log in .Uninstall all software related to the Validity Sensor and also uninstall the DDK driver which are also the same , you will uninstall all these drivers from the control panel, after that you can restart the system. After that download and install the Digital Persona software, once it is installed it will ask for the restarting the system and you can click on yes option. After following the the given procedure I think your system should work with the fingerprint sensor.

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    Re: Validity vfs300 fingerprint sensor does not work in Dell

    I was facing the same issue that you are facing right now, but my manufacturer was different from you , but thatdoes matter as I too was using the Windows 7 operating system , I followed the advice given by my classmate reached to the final step to the solution which was mentioned in the above post, i.e after the installation my system rebooted , but on starting up the application of the mentioned software I got stuck with an error that said the digitalpersona couldnt be installed on my Acer system , but I did not lose my hopes ,then I just my personal edition of digitalpersona software and for the god’s sake it worked. Thank you for posting the queation, you too can follow the same measures and check whether it works with you or not.

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    Re: Validity vfs300 fingerprint sensor does not work in Dell

    Well if you ask me , according to me you should download the Authentec AES2810 (Fingerprint Reader W7 64-bit) and save it as a shortcut on the screen , then you should install the those mentioned drivers and that too should be compatible with your windows 7 operating system , This time this steps is surely going to help you for and get your finger print tool working as before.

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