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Thread: Dell XPS 15 Laptop keyboard is not working properly

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    Dell XPS 15 Laptop keyboard is not working properly

    I am using Dell XPS 15 laptop from past several months. And I should tell you that it is working fine but I started to get problem with its keyboard that is sometime i unable to type single character on it and sometime wrong character comes instead of suppose word. I done know what it the exact reason for this but i have seen that many people getting this issue, this is new laptop and i think that it should be not happens with it. So if anyone having suggestions on this then let me know. Any suggestions will appreciate.

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    Re: Dell XPS 15 Laptop keyboard is not working properly

    I think that the main reason for this issue could be faulty drivers for keyboard. I have seen that many people having this kind of issue but the easy way to get rid of this issue is to reinstall the drivers again. I think that you should remove the driver for keyboard and then again reinstall them on your computer. To check the status of the driver just right click on the my compute and then go to the property and open the hardware tab and click on the device manager, here you can list of all drivers of computer peripherals. If you see red exclamation mark in front of keyboard then it means that driver is not working properly, and you should have to install the drivers for the same.
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    Re: Dell XPS 15 Laptop keyboard is not working properly

    As per you have written that you get wrong character instead, then I should tell you that, this problem is not because of your hardware, it is because of the software problem. To troubleshoot this, here I have given you steps for the same, for that you should go into "control panel" and then click on "region and language services" and then go to "language" and choose "details" and then "Key settings" and then select the option "Switch between Input language" and "select change key sequence" option and then uncheck the all check boxes and at the end click on OK and then apply.

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    Re: Dell XPS 15 Laptop keyboard is not working properly

    I was getting similar kind of problem with my laptop keyboard, then after searching regarding this and I found a best way is to reboot you laptop for once to overcome this issue. This solution helped me but then after a several time, same issue is occurred, then I decided to reinstall my operating system. After reinstalling OS and updated drivers I got free from this issue permanently. I will also suggest you the same advice, just reinstall you operating system and drivers again.

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    Re: Dell XPS 15 Laptop keyboard is not working properly

    The solution is to make change in the keyboard language settings.
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    Re: Dell XPS 15 Laptop keyboard is not working properly

    I have seen this before and on occassion this can fix the problem if not you need to replace your dell xps keyboard.
    Try removing keyboard and where the ribbon cable fits the mainboard blast with compressed air (removing any dirt or grime) then refit making sure the dell laptop keyboard ribbon cable is firmly connected to your dell motherboard and turn back on test. If this keyboard continues to deo this then it will be in fact a faulty dell keyboard.

    Hope this helps

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