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Thread: Need to Upgrade Gateway SX2840-01

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    Need to Upgrade Gateway SX2840-01

    I am using the Gateway SX2840-01desktop from the last few months and it is doing well for me but i am not able to play games on it. I mean to say that the latest video games are not compatible on my system. I am a game addict and i love to play games and based on it i want to upgrade my system. The thing here is that i don't know what changes will help me to get the full fledged system which will allow me to play games on it. Please help me to upgrade my system and suggest me the best possible options available

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    Re: Need to Upgrade Gateway SX2840-01

    Well according to me you have to search for the best that suits your system. I mean to say that just with the help of name of your desktop you will be able to find the best matches. And then you can get your system upgraded with the entire latest configuration. But make sure that you use them which are compatible on the mother board that is used by you

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    Re: Need to Upgrade Gateway SX2840-01

    As said by you that you are using the Gateway SX2840-01 then the mother board that your system has is the System board with Intel H57 Express Chipset. So what you have to do here is that find out the graphic cards that supports on this motherboard and then just install the same on your system. Actually the graphic card which we use must be compatible with the system and especially with the mother board. And if you are having the card which is compatible with Intel H57 Express Chipset then install it on your system it will definitely give you some fantastic gaming experience.

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    Re: Need to Upgrade Gateway SX2840-01

    If you need assistance in upgrading the system the best one to help you here is the gateway itself. As your system is of gateway then you have to visit the nearest customer support of gateway and place a complaint over there and let them know that you need to upgrade the system and also provide the previous details to them. I am sure that they will help you to get the finest option available and make you chose in them. This will surely help you to solve the issue.

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    Re: Need to Upgrade Gateway SX2840-01

    I think first of all you have to check out whether your system supports the graphic card of any company. You can find out the same with the help of mother board you are using. If the motherboard is compatible with any then you can just use the best graphic card available in the market with more memory. Installing the finest graphic card on the system will help you to increase the gaming ability of your system and you can play all the latest games. I guess these graphic cards will give you the fantastic gaming experience and that matters the most for you.

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