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Thread: Sync Windows Mobile 7 on Remote Desktop

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    Sync Windows Mobile 7 on Remote Desktop

    I have searched very much for getting the replies for Synchronizing Windows Mobile 7 phone with the remote desktop. But there was nobody discussing any such issues. Can anybody tell me that does Windows 7 Phone has support for the Remote Desktop. Does anybody has any such experience. Though I am not gonna sync my windows 7 phone with the remote desktop but still it would be better it has such support.

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    Re: Sync Windows Mobile 7 on Remote Desktop

    I haven't heard anything like this yet so sorry guys, I don't have any idea that what could be the response after connecting the Windows 7 Phone on the Remote Desktop. Actually it might be the risky as well as if some problem appears on the remote desktop then it might happen that your windows phone can get harmed.

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    Re: Sync Windows Mobile 7 on Remote Desktop

    Are you asking to sync windows phone 7 with the remote desktop or having a remote desktop on the windows mobile 7 operating system. Actually both things seems to be crazy as mobile phones does not have such high hardware configuration which can let you access the remote desktop from the phone. So I don't think that it would be possible or not. Even I have tried to search about the same thing on the google but I haven't found anything useful on it.

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    Re: Sync Windows Mobile 7 on Remote Desktop

    Presently Windows Mobile 7 does not has any such capacity to have remote desktop from it but in future it could be possible to have such features in the mobile operating system. Actually Windows Phone 7 does not have TCP/IP support due to which it couldn't have possible for it. We have to just wait for some time in order to have such support. Once Windows Phone 7 has support for Live Sync then it would be most probably possible to have a remote desktop on it.

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