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Thread: iPod Touch 4G Vs. PSP 2004

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    iPod Touch 4G Vs. PSP 2004

    I currently have PSP 2004 and now looking for buying iPod Touch 4G but I am not clear about both the devices PSP 2004 and iPod Touch 4G. Basically the thing I want to know here is that does iPod Touch 4G supports better gaming than my PSP 2004 or not. Do I need to stick to PSP or it will be better to go for iPod Touch 4G if anyone using iPod Touch 4G please let me know how it works and will it support the game better than PSP.

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    Re: iPod Touch 4G Vs. PSP 2004

    I don't think so there should be any kind of comparison between both the devices PSP and iPod Touch 4G. Because the main difference stays between both of them is that they are both used for different operation. A PSP is a gaming device which can also doubles as a media player with media support whereas an ipod touch 4G is a media player which is mainly used for multimedia applications like audio and video but also has its share of games. That means it can now have some games which are specifically can be played in it as well as with your PSP.

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    Re: iPod Touch 4G Vs. PSP 2004

    In my view point you can only select iPod touch 4G only for Casual Games which are designed specifically for it. And if you are hardcore gamer and want to play game with portable device then best is to get portable gaming gadget PSP. And if you are looking for "fun/casual" games that are free then you can go for picking yourself iPod Touch 4G. It has superior screen, superior battery backup, better media potential etc. At last if you want to go for only gaming so better to skip it and stick to your PSP.

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    Re: iPod Touch 4G Vs. PSP 2004

    I want to correct above post which is mentioning that iPod Touch 4G is basically a media player and but play only some games. That is not the case with iPod Touch 4G as it is latest version of the iPod that provide you with all the multimedia features such as audio and video. Beside the multimedia it provide you with great games which you can play in your iPod Touch 4G some of the games can be played in both your iPod Touch 4G and PSP. So i think better for you get the iPod Touch 4G instead of going or sticking to PSP as you have already used it, so for better experience you can go for iPod Touch 4G.

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