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Thread: Samsung HMX-H200BP vs. Panasonic HDC-SD60

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    Samsung HMX-H200BP vs. Panasonic HDC-SD60

    I want to buy new camcorder but I am not able to decide between two of the camcorders from Samsung and Panasonic. I want to have the camcorder that should have the best video quality, if anyone currently using please let me know what are the best features in each of the camcorder are. So please let me know which I can go for as my choice Samsung HMX-H200BP or Panasonic HDC-SD60.

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    Re: Samsung HMX-H200BP vs. Panasonic HDC-SD60

    The Samsung HMX-H200 has got a remarkable list of advanced features high-quality, full-HD video recording at a viable price. This camcorder features Samsung's BSI CMOS imaging sensor. Designed to attract more light than other conventional sensors and carry extraordinary low-light performance. The HMX-H200 is also full with a range of unique features like the capability to capture high-quality 4.7 MP digital still images, elegant Auto mode, that automatically chooses the suitable scene mode which will create the best results possible for shooting situation. Also it has got time slip recording an inventive setting which will provide you the capability to perform imagination to a entire new level. So I think this can be the choice for you as your camcorder.

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    Re: Samsung HMX-H200BP vs. Panasonic HDC-SD60

    Yes above post suggestion to go for Samsung HMX-H200 is really good as it has got plenty of features and advance functionality in addition to above mentioned features. It has got Digital immobile Camera Function, it provides you with microphone with Technology Electret condenser and its Operational Mode is Stereo Microphone that has got Feature of Wind noise diminution. And if you want to connect with your computer the operating system it support is MS Windows Vista, MS Windows XP SP2 and you can use USB or CD-ROM drive. So I think better you go for Samsung HMX-H200 as your choice.

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    Re: Samsung HMX-H200BP vs. Panasonic HDC-SD60

    Thats correct Samsung HMX-H200BP provide with lots of features but Panasonic HDC-SD60 is no less than samsung when you compare the features. It captures video to a 120GB hard disk which is advantage over other camcorders but offers only a solo SD card slot which is drawback as you have to provide your own storage. It has got larger sensor more than double the resolution of previous models of Panasonic with 3.3-megapixels and also provides an added iZoom function, which isn't convoyed by the standard loss in image quality related with a usual digital zoom. So this can be far more useful than the Samsung camcorder, so I suggest to go for Panasonic as your choice.

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    Re: Samsung HMX-H200BP vs. Panasonic HDC-SD60

    Yes the choices which you are considering are really good options as saumsung comes with 3.32 MP CMOS Sensor whereas Panasonic comes with 35.7mm Wide-Angle Lens that can be helpful to Capture pictures of large groups, even when you are shooting from up close. saumsung have 200 x digital zoom and 2.7 Inch LCD Screen and when compare to Panasonic has sharp 35x Zoom and POWER O.I.S. that can offer you with beautiful zoom shots of far-away subjects. So i think both are worth for the money, so it will be really good to have one of them as your camcorder.

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