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Thread: Nokia N8 Specification

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    Nokia N8 Specification

    I have heard a lot of nokia n series phones right from nokia n72 to nokia n91. I recently heard about nokia n8 and heard a lot of good things about N8. N8 is a craze among my group. Since no one owns a n8 from our group. I wanted to get some information about it after hearing so much about the nokia n8. Even i am interested in knowing some of the features of the nokia n8. What makes it different from the other mobile's existing in the market today. I am very much excited about this product so do let me know as soon as possible.
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    Re: Nokia N8:Review

    Nokia decided to launch its N8 after a successful attempt by launching n97. N8 was launched around sep 2010. Now what this new product from nokia has to offer. Many are asking whether its a tab or a business phone. I would answer it as a neither of two but a stylish phone with a brilliant screen. Talking about the design, it has scored full marks on it. With an anodized aluminum body it gives a cold touch everytime we touch the body of the mobile. The front screen is made of glass and aluminum again. The screen is 3.5" long and has the camera of 12 megapixel. With the screen resolution of 360*640 pixels. The picture clarity is awesome and is among the best in the market which nobody offers.

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    Re: Nokia N8:Review

    Nokia n8 has got a superb screen in terms of the clarity . There is some problem with the screen. Where the screen shines a a bit when the light intensity is high. Though it has got the specd screens but still it could have been much better. Also the screen resolution should have been little higher for the 12 megapixel camera but it compensates it by the pixel density, vibrant colors and multi angle viewing. The finishing of the cell is good. The appearance looks good with the minimal design. Although the nokia people could have gone with the larger screen then the 3.5" screen but nokia people has designed n8 to be more pocket friendly.

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    Re: Nokia N8:Review

    The nokia nN8 has a ARM 11 microprocessor with 680Mhz and 256mb ram. It has got a HDMI connection on the top of the phone where you can show all the images and the video from the phone by the usb. If you compare the qwerty keypads of nokia N8 then i would say that it is reasonably OK and can be done much better. The user's will take much time to get used to with the typing in the phone. Nokia n8 speed is good while browsing. The speakers of nokia N8 is reasonably good and is much louder than the earlier ones. Talking about the browsing in the net N8 takes much time to download a bigger page. However with the quick e mail service you can send e-mails reasonably fast. The battery of the nokia is good it can last upto a day with the normal usage.

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