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Thread: Nokia x6 Wi-Fi is not working

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    Nokia x6 Wi-Fi is not working

    I have brought new Nokia x6 mobile phone very recently. I am using this mobile phone from last two – three weeks and I am totally impressed with the features of the x6. But when I try to use my Wi-Fi but there seemed to be an error during the loading of the page. I tried to connect with the secured network of the Wireless LAN connection and after entering the password the connection fails to establish. I am not able to find the problem. I am not sure about this but can this is my Nokia x6 problem OR is there some more settings that I have to enable for the Wi-Fi connection. So if anyone has the solution for this then please helps me. Thank you in the advance.

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    Re: Nokia x6 Wi-Fi is not working

    I think this is may not your Nokia x6 problem. I would suggest you to check your mobile phone with the Wi-Fi settings. When you get to the Wi-Fi settings just check with the address of your phone to ensure that the connections which you think are safe add them to the address list and be secured. After that you just have to turn off add a new network option. If you keep that on normally it fails to get any connection. I hope this information will help you.

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    Re: Nokia x6 Wi-Fi is not working

    I am also totally agreed with the above post. I don’t think this your mobile phone problem. To use your Wi-Fi service you just have to need to make a little effort and set your X6 up on your Wi-Fi network as soon as possible after buying it. That way, all the apps and media and updates can all communicate over Wi-Fi, which is fast and free, rather than over GPRS or 3G data, which is slow and possible expensive. To activate the Wi-Fi service on your x6 you just have to perform the following simple task:
    1. For this you just have to go into Settings, after that go into the Connectivity, and then select Destinations.
    2. After you have done with this you just have to tap on “Access point” and then you have to choose “Wireless LAN”. Form this you have to pick your home network name from the list. This list will display automatically on your screen.
    3. After that you simply have to follow any remaining prompts e.g. you have to enter your Wi-Fi password.

    After you have done then you are ready to use your Wi-Fi.

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    Re: Nokia x6 Wi-Fi is not working

    I think this kind of Nokia x6 bugs is very common now days. I advise you to just try to updating you’re software OR you can try to rest your Mobile phone. Before resetting you just has to makes sure that you have made the proper back up of the data because in the process of resetting you mobile phone data will get lose. For resetting you’re mobile you simply have to press “*#7370#” key on your home screen. The security code for this is “12345”. I hope this will help you to fix your bugs. After that you can also try to update your Firmware. You can update the firmware by latest firmware updated software. I don’t think at this time Nokia has launch any firmware for the x6 mobile phone. I think this changes probably will work out for you.

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