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Thread: Lenovo Y560 Hinge Problem

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    Lenovo Y560 Hinge Problem

    Okay not so long before I begin hear a click at the same time as opening the laptop, I disregarded it because I am thinking it was my finger hooking on the plastic however no I was incorrect one of the hinges bust off from the plastic as well as its doing harm on the way to my laptop. My query is what must I do will they accept it at fix. Thank in advance for any valuable suggestion.

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    re: Lenovo Y560 Hinge Problem

    I as well have the similar problem, it happened on October 21, 2010, 8 months after I purchased the laptop.I went on the way to close my laptop screen, missing for a minute, come back, opened it, as well as it broken before yet totally opening it. It was as well, presently the left surface of the display, where the battery level is. I stopped it, after that tried to reopen it, as well as it kept building the furious noise, at the same time as in point of fact cracking the plastic inside (the snaps I believe, as well as anchors). As well, one of the screws plus a brass screw ring fell out.I was grateful on the way to at a standstill be beneath warranty by means of Lenovo. I called Lenovo, through their extremely prompt as well as extremely open customer support line on the way to explain the situation. The technician immediately knew what I was talking regarding as well as said that it is comparatively ordinary. He assumed that he had send me a packing box in one day, as well as I had receive my laptop at the majority 7-10 business days, frequently 5 days although.Even though, I will be out of a laptop for the next week, I will be glad on the way to obtain that hinge fixed!

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    re: Lenovo Y560 Hinge Problem

    I as well have the similar trouble as well as similar to others in this thread I am experiencing poor service.It has been two weeks in view of the fact that I sent my laptop as well as I have expected no communication from Lenovo at all. I was initially quoted a 5 working days turnaround. At what time I call, I arrive at a call centre in the USA as well as they are able to give me no helpful information at all regarding my laptop's fix in Australia. What a waste of time. At what time I called on the 11th, the person who replied inform me the laptop was repaired. At what time I called back a few days afterward they inform me it was at a standstill being repaired. That is unacceptable customer service.I made the unusual call to Lenovo for repairs on November 5, now it iss Christmas. I leave on Boxing Day for my holidays as well as I was in suspense to take my laptop with me.However No possibility.

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    re: Lenovo Y560 Hinge Problem

    I offer Lenovo customer service an A+. I have the hinge trouble happen subsequent to 7-8 months. I called Lenovo as well as obtain a friendly CR on the phone. I had no troubles by means of the guarantee. Lenovo send out a FedEx box next day air without charge on the way to the service center. I send the laptop out on a Tuesday as well as by Friday the computer was reverse with me. I undoubtedly did not be expecting it back that fast. The computer repair looks on the way to be as fine as new one. The CR said on one occasion this hinge is fixed is should not occur once more. I wish he is correct. Anyway, Lenovo send back by means of the laptop a diminutive cleaning kit for the screen as well as keyboard for the troubleI am extremely content with the service as well as pleasingly amazed how quickly the computer was sent back. No harass as well as did not cost me a dime.

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    re: Lenovo Y560 Hinge Problem

    I imagine you be required to go at least for one more year of guarantee. I had my LENOVA Y560 predetermined (the correct hinge), yet despite the fact that maybe it won't happen once more in the right hinge, I have read in this thread that it occur in the left hinge as well!I was fortunate for the reason that my guarantee was still in force, however if it would happen two weeks later! I believe Lenovo is not being honest by means of his customers As well I am having troubles by means of the keyboard, the keys pop out with no reason!I am extremely disappointed by the quality of this model.

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    re: Lenovo Y560 Hinge Problem

    The hinge came loose after 6 months of buying my laptop and then I saw blue screen and the screen freezing every now and then. As I was still under warranty I decided to check with customer care if they could tighten the lose hinge.My problem wasn't with the customer service being prompt enough to send me a mailing box to send the laptop back. The miserable service came afterwards. Now they are demanding me to pay 187 for repairing the hinge and telling me my repair has been put on hold as it is not covered under warranty. This problem obviously is a known manufacturing defect so why give the consumer a bad product and then expect them to pay for the damages? I would never buy another Lenovo product. I must also point out that the power cord was the biggest, heaviest one I have seen and gets so hot that it has burnt the wires but they say that I have physically cut the wires and its not something that they will replace either.

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    Re: Lenovo Y560 Hinge Problem

    I was also facing similar kind of problem and my left hinge was also broken, but I took it at local ibm/lenovo service and thay fixed it in 3 days. Also, my 2-3 pixels are dead. These dark spots are very frustrating and that too very soon. It's just a month and problems have started to show off. I agree that this product is not very good from lenovo.

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