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Thread: how to setup SIP in Nokia N8

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    how to setup SIP in Nokia N8

    I have bought Nokia N8 few days back and i want to have setup for VOIP/Sip with voipcheap or voipbuster on my Nokia N8 I have little idea related to it as it is some kind of communication protocol that can be used for maintaining the session, modifying and used for creating and terminate sessions with one or more users the information was given to me by one of my friend who is using it so I thought I can also have it in my phone. I have recently downloaded and installed the newest sip settings application but no idea how to setup it, so please let me know how this can be done for my Nokia N8.

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    Re: how to setup SIP in Nokia N8

    You are very right SIP is a protocol using which you can have the session with multiple user and can terminate it as you already know. voipcheap application which you have installed can the solution for free phone calls and low call rate phone calls.Using it you are able to make call via your fixed mobile phone or through your computer for which you need to connect the phone to computer system. There are settings which you have to perform to perform it and have SIP from your Nokia N8. And another thing is that VoIP and SIP is wholly different, permits you to use any VoIP provider or you can even have direct connection to any other SIP user but for that you need to know the IP when you comapre it with Skype which you might heard of.
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    Re: how to setup SIP in Nokia N8

    I am using voipcheap working on my phone but the thing is that it works on weekend with following settings which might work for you as well. You have to go to the Settings there you will able to see option as Connectivity just go to Admin Settings there you have Net Settings and also option as Advanced VOIP settings. Now there you need to primary define the SIP settings after which you need to define services using those settings. These will surely going to work as me too using it from quite some time now and very happy to have it.

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    Re: how to setup SIP in Nokia N8

    I too have Nokia N8 with me and i am searching for mobilevoip but i was not able to register for this service. Actual i don't know the way to register as i am new to this kind of application, when i made search for the application about when i tried to click on it it prompt for entering the username and password but i was fail to find any kind of registration information and yet not able to use the application for my Nokia N8. So if any kind of help provided from this forum user please let me know.

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