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Thread: Unable to connect WLAN to Nokia X3-02

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    Unable to connect WLAN to Nokia X3-02

    I was searching for the phone that will provide me with the really great features and in which I will be able to connect my WLAN to my phone. I land up going for Nokia X3-02 and was really happy with its all features and functionality but recently I have connected my wlan and saved it under saved wlan. But when I start web browsing my device was not able to use the wlan instead it was using the gprs which is also activated on my phone and when I accessed websites my credit was deducted. It is very annoying as I was not able to use internet and if I use that I have to pay for that, so if anyone have solution for it please let me know so that I can continue web browsing on my phone.

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    Re: Unable to connect WLAN to Nokia X3-02

    You can perform below mentioned steps to get WLAN activate on your Nokia X3 that will help you to resolve your issue:
    • The initial step for you to just go to the Select menu option that is present in your phone.
    • From there you need to just require going in the setting options there in your phone menu.
    • Below the settings you have to look for the connectivity option in that.
    • There you have to look for the WLAN option which you have to perform setting.
    • When you are in the WLAN option now you have to see all the available WLANs and see if you are able to see mentioned WLAN.
    • After all the things and settings are done now you required to select the desired WLAN from the list of WLANs.
    • Now you have to enter the Password for the connection and after that click on Connect.
    •The last step which you need to do is choose save the option so that all the settings which are made by you can be saved.

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    Re: Unable to connect WLAN to Nokia X3-02

    Hey the issue can be with the current software application which you are using in your phone. that means you need to change the version of software you are using that is you need to go for the firmware upgrade for your Nokia X3 that can be solution for your WLAN connection problem. The latest firmware you can have for your Nokia X3 from the official Nokia website now available is v21.0.004. Addition to this upgraded firmware provide you with latest versions of various applications like Shazam, Browser and Mail for Exchange etc. you can also update phone through inbuilt OTA (Over The Air) method, or via Nokia’s Software Updater from your computer. This will surely help you to resolve the WLAN issue and will will be able to use it after that.

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    Re: Unable to connect WLAN to Nokia X3-02

    You can try out these settings for resolving the wlan issue. First you have go to Menu there you have Settings option in that jump to Configuration there you have Personal Settings. In that go to My Web and just follow the instructions and steps that are mentioned for performing the setting, now you have to activate it without filling up any details. After all done go to Internet from Menu there you will see Web Settings under which you have Configuration Settings now you have to choose configuration and make modification in Personal configuration. Now the 'account' will be created with name my web and now onwards phone will forever ask first if you have selected ask first in the connectivity WLAN alternatives and you will get to know if the device is using wlan or gprs.

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    Re: Unable to connect WLAN to Nokia X3-02

    Yes thing problem occur for me too with my Nokia X3 which is from similar Nokia phone series. I was looking fro the solution for nearly five days now and tried too many ways to solve it but was not able to have perfect solution for it. But when i performed the setting which are mentioned in one of the post above i was able to resolve it and was actually able to browse through wlan and there was no credit deduction from the phone, so i am really happy now with me phone and with wlan in it. Hope you will perform this setting and will be able to enjoy on your Nokia X3.

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    thanks very much, you are a legend


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    Re: Unable to connect WLAN to Nokia X3-02

    I have a nokia X3-02 too,ive been using this for couple of months and was been able to save a lot of wlan in my phone but just now when am about to open the opera mini to browse the internet,it only says "connection failed"-unable to connect.please review your network settings". Why? and what should I do to resolve this..somebody help me please.....

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