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Thread: IBM T42 display problem

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    IBM T42 display problem

    Hello friends, I have got this IBM T42 laptop and it was working fine since the day I had purchased but it was yesterday that I found out that there were something black lining on the screen. At first I didn't budge but when I saw there were blackouts happening on the screen at regular intervals, I taught that this is a serious concern. I even restarted my pc many times but I am getting the same blackouts every few minutes. Can anyone help me to know what is the problem going on and what can I do to overcome this issue,

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    Re: IBM T42 display problem

    Hey have you any time caused any kind of damage to your laptop, while you were working on it or is that someone at your home might have done something wrong that might have caused damaged to the laptop screen. So if you don't have any idea I guess then you should go through series of checking of your own laptop. You should see to it that the laptop is not kept around any other electronic device that might cause this kind of problem. Also, make sure that the display drivers are properly installed in the laptop. You can try many options to get the problem your self.

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    Re: IBM T42 display problem

    Hey why don't you check the connection of the laptop screen and the motherboard by opening the laptop case to see whether the cables are loosely held or not. It can be that the cables that are going from the motherboard to the laptop screen are not inserted inserted properly in the circuit and that is it is causing this kind of blackouts on the laptop screen. So first do this and see if it solves your problem, if it doesn't then please be free to come up again we will see another solution to solve this problem.

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    Re: IBM T42 display problem

    hey see to it that yo have not kept the laptop in front of very strong electrical device that consumes to much of the electrical power. The electrical devices have a very strong magnetic effect which will effected the laptop screen and will cause the problem which you are currently being going through. The laptop screen gives the images generated from the liquid crystals which will attract to any magnetic object put in front of it. So better try to switch on the laptop by taking to some other place and see whether you are again getting the same problem or not. I hope that it will work out for you.

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    Re: IBM T42 display problem

    I have also bee through similar sort of experience like you and I think that this is a normal kind of problem faced by anyone who is currently having the IBM think pad. One of the ways yo can try out to solve this problem is to connect the laptop to some sort of external monitor and see if it works on the external monitor or not. If it doesn't then I guess that there is some kind of problem in the motherboard of your laptop which is ultimately effecting the laptop screen. But if it does work out on the other monitor screen then i reckon that the there is a problem only on the display of the laptop and you should take the laptop the shop for it to get repair.

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    Re: IBM T42 display problem

    Hey I also faced the same problem and found out that the problem is in the motherboard of all the IBM thinkpad , there is some kind of bug in the motherboard which is causing this error. So the only way that I got this problem sort is by replacing the motherboard of the laptop. You should first consult with an engineer or something who knows about what is actually wrong and then see if what he suggest to you to do.

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