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Thread: T401 Overheating and shutting off while docked

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    T401 Overheating and shutting off while docked

    I have brought Lenovo T410 two year before is now overheating and shutting off at the time docked. It used to be gets really hot, fan spins with the great speed at the full flash and then suddenly it turns off automatically. I wanted to know whether it is due to the multiprocessing that I use to do at the same time, such as playing songs, compiling program, iTunes, zipping up to a approximately 1Gigabyte file. The ThinkPad that I was using before this never got such problem. As this is new version I am not able to find the solution. If you can suggest any solution then please help me. I am waiting for your idea.

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    Re: T401 Overheating and shutting off while docked

    As you have described when your system is docked, you run a several application at the same time there might be the chances that your laptop will shut down automatically due to the thermal overheating but it will prompt you a message before shut down. A fast and simple way to terminate the ThinkPad T401 is to start an iTunes that is linked to a library on a server side, and then attach an iPad and synchronize up the video, music and pictures from your albums. The iPad need the photo’s to be compressed which wants a major amount of power from the computer. iTunes performs or maintain the multi processors by spawning 4 iTunesPhotoProcessors as you can see the following. Those applications along with the iTunes.exe, AppleMobileDeviceHelper and iTunesHelper make the system to shut down. Thermal temperature also increases due to the surrounding temperature so you need to maintain the surrounding temperature to avoid this. Hope you understand this and take care of above points to avoid automatically shut down.

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    Re: T401 Overheating and shutting off while docked

    Hello! Bear 55 there might be reason or the possibility that your ThinkPad410 have a distinct graphics processor. Check that your T410 have distinct graphics processor then there are chances of using high power, because without switchable graphics takes extra power its proved. But this only might not be alone reason of shutting down your system.

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    Re: T401 Overheating and shutting off while docked

    Yes, multiprocessing takes up the temperature of your computer. So to maintain the temperature you should turn on the Air-conditioner to at its lowest temperature allotted in that AC. What I have seen that help the low temperature of your computer and in low temperature PC runs good. As there is one thought that, “Humidity is a big enemy for electronics” as it affect the small register. In order to see the temperature of your PC download “TPfancontrol” application which gives the current temperature of your CPU?

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