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Thread: On Windows 7 OVI suite is not to working

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    On Windows 7 OVI suite is not to working

    Recently I have upgraded my PC to Windows 7 from Windows XP Service Pack 3. But from then after my OVI suite is not working properly. On Windows XP SP 3it works fine. It get crashes when I try to starting the suite. It gives me some error message while I am trying to open it. I have now installed the old Nokia PC Suite, and that still works. But OVI is useless to me. So I am totally helpless. I don’t know what to do next. So can anyone have any solution then please help.

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    Re: On Windows 7 OVI suite is not to working

    I think this not your OVI suit problem. I think this is the system requirement problem. To install and run Nokia OVI Suite, you need to have following system requirement:
    Windows 7 or Windows Vista SP1 or newer or Windows XP SP2 or newer. But as you have mansion in the above post you have recently installed Windows 7, so it really don’t matter in your case.
    But you have to check the following minimum system requirement:
    • 2 GB hard disk space.
    • 1 GHz Intel Pentium 4.
    • 64 MB display memory.
    • 512 MB RAM.
    • And you have to minimum 24-bit color graphics card.

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    Re: On Windows 7 OVI suite is not to working

    I think this kind of issue is because of you have not installed the OVI software properly. If you are using Windows 7 then you have follow the following simple steps to installed Nokia OVI:
    1. First you have to insert the Nokia OVI suit CD in your CD OR DVD roam. Else you can also download the latest version of Nokia PC Suite from authorized site and save it on your hard drive.
    2. Now you just have to right click on the Setup File and have to select its Properties. After that on the following window just right click on Compatibility tab.
    3. Then just click on the “Change Settings For All Users” button in the bottom.
    4. In that window select Run As – Windows 7 then click on Run this program as an administrator. Now you have to just click on “Ok” button to close the windows.
    5. Afterwards you have you come back to the Setup Package then just again Right Click it and select this as Administrator.
    6. Now you’re setup will launch and install Nokia PC Suite to your Windows 7.

    I hopeful that this will help you to solve your problem.

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    Re: On Windows 7 OVI suite is not to working

    The latest version of the Nokia OVI suit is available now days. You can download this from site. This new version of the Nokia OVI suit has eliminated some bugs form the previous OVI version. Some of the key features of this OVI version are as follow:
    • It provides Video transfer and playback.
    • It also provides Device application update i.e. it provide great application like Map.
    • Error fixes and performance improvements
    • It supports new languages likes: Hindi, American English and Ukrainian etc

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    Re: On Windows 7 OVI suite is not to working

    I think this is your Nokia OVI suite version problem.

    I advise you to just upgrade your Nokia OVI suit. OVI Suite which is now days available in the market.
    • First you just have to uninstall OVI Suite.
    • Then just have to visit the following address.
      C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Nokia\Ovi Suite
      C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Nokia
      C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\OviInstallerCache
      And delete the files from here if anything is there.

    • Then now you just have to search and download MSI clean up utility from microsoft website.
    • After that you have to just install the programs related to Nokia and click remove.
    • Now you just have to restart your computer..
    • Then you just have to install updated Windows Installer. You can download this is from Microsoft website. Then again you have to restart your PC.
    • Now you can download and Install latest OVI Suite from authorize site. After you have done with installation you just have to connect the device and after that have to try to sync.

    I hope this will work for you to solve to your problem.

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