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Thread: How to connect Toshiba U305-S2806 laptop with TV

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    How to connect Toshiba U305-S2806 laptop with TV

    Having a Toshiba satellite U305-S2806 laptop. Upgrade the laptop from windows XP to windows 7 environment. I am using the high speed internet service in my laptop. Which is basically using for stream online videos and to play some of the online games, but these are low version, now I wish to connect my laptop with TV through VGA or RCA cable, having the four RCA ports in my machine but the problem is I could not able to connect the cable between TV and the laptop. The port is not detecting the cable port that I purchase. Here anyone having me any information about this problem? How can I connect the TV with my Satellite laptop?

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    Re: How to connect Toshiba U305-S2806 laptop with TV

    This is a very simple procedure for the connection of any laptop with the TV. You simple plug the cable in your laptop port, connect it in physical path. Most of the laptop or the computer is having the S-Video port or RCI port, which is used to connect the S-Video input of TV. Make check which type port you are having in Your TV, which is designed as the 4 or 7 pins. If you’re having the S-Video input in your TV then you need the S-Video cable. The standard VGA card is good for getting better graphical interface. After plug in the cable got o the display settings windows of your computer and configure the external screen with the computer. Just before connect the TV with the machine make sure that the cable is plugged within these, because it sometimes does not recognize the TV. Along with that you also need to configure the resolution of your TV.
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    Re: How to connect Toshiba U305-S2806 laptop with TV

    I would like to share some of the technical information about the VGA cable transmission. This issued to carry the analog video signals along the display and graphics data. It is designed with 15-pin connector, which is commonly used. This used to connect with the TV VGA port; you can use the S-Video or RCA cable for the VGA connection. You can also use external power adapter for the connection. I am having the DVI port in my LCD TV which I use to connect my computer with the TV. Which is comes with 24 pins placed in three horizontal rows each rows contains eight pins. Is works fine in my computer and TV. I am basically viewing the digital videos, and for that the TV and the cable that I am using for the connectivity is good.

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    Re: How to connect Toshiba U305-S2806 laptop with TV

    For connecting the laptop with TV you need to find a best way which is good for connection and for the getting best quality of picture. Sometimes the graphic cards are also depending on this, for getting better performance. Go for the cable which is compatible for the connection. Because there are some standard for the cable, you can use the one cable with the other port which is in your TV or machine.

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    Re: How to connect Toshiba U305-S2806 laptop with TV

    First look for the port which is given in your machine and TV, according to that you will decide to which one should be the medium and which is the suitable TV for that. If you are looking for HDTV then your common pot is the High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), which is the standard port for all HDTV’s. In the laptop this port is not available; you have to purchase the connector separately. And if you are having the standard TV then any VGA cable is applicable there, this is the basic requirement to connect the machine with TV. Along with that a transmitter is needed for the conversion of video signal from the computer to TV. For the better signal make sure that you are having the good quality of VGA cable, some of the cable are encountered problem during passing the video signal as a output into the TV. Some of the video resolution is needed to configure on the TV, because the resolution that you are using in your computer will not works same in the TV. According to me for the best quality of video output use the HDTV, which is comes with the video port, which now available with the latest computer and most of the laptops. For the audio output, the TV dose not requires nay separate connector.

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