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Thread: Sleek media player and media player organizer

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    Sleek media player and media player organizer

    I am planning to buy music player soon which will be able to play audio as well as video contents. I am looking for sleek media player/viewer using which I can view albums manage music and many more functionality. But have not found such media player which I will be able to use in device, so if anyone have details regarding any of the media player please let me know.

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    Re: Sleek media player and media player organizer

    You can go for Cowon JETAUDIO media center lets you to play and enjoy different audio and video content. This service provides you with alteration facility and also lets you to rip, burn and you can record your preferred CDs. It provides support to different file formats and can alter digital video files to video formats. More over its improved features such as innovative Media Manager, window explorer, and Device administrator it permits you generate albums, handle digital media files with automatic browse alternatives and also lets you to alter audio altitude variation automatically. This extremely customizable service enables the user to make a variety of sound effects with multi channel sound output. It permits you to place all your audios according to file name, date, title, and artist, at the same time audio trimmer helps in editing recorded audio files.

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    Re: Sleek media player and media player organizer

    I can suggest you the music player as you have still didnít have it. I think better choice for you can be Cowon they have introduced new music player curvy back S9. Which have a streamlined curved design, the S9 media player is full with features. This multimedia device comprises a touch screen display in a 16:9 design which uses super bright AMOLED. It has got a 500-megahertz dual-core processor and plays approximately each video and audio format which is not done by iTunes. So I suggest you go for this as it has got great media player organizer which you really looking for.

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    Re: Sleek media player and media player organizer

    You can have many of the application for your music player as media player organizer.
    1. Quintessential Media Player :The library can record saved tracks all at one time or arrange them into nine diverse categories such as Album, Artist, Genre and more. You can even more purify these settings in the records preferences. The library energizes itself each time you begin with the music player. The search feature in Quintessential works alike to Google Instant.
    2. AIMP 2 : AIMP2 does not use the normal .m3u file that normally used. If you formed a multiple playlists with a different player, they will be not work with AIMP 2. The player builds its individual exclusive playlists (.plc) that it stores within its own borders.
    3. MusicBee: In this you can arrange your music through genre, artist and album in the three top panels while in the additional small panels show the current playlist, song particulars, artwork and lyrics and it has got a search tool to speedily situate any precise artist or track.

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    Re: Sleek media player and media player organizer

    I suggest you to go for jaangle music player and organizer it provide you with a pleasant user interface and several good features. It is able to classify mp3, ogg, wma, avi files and will present it in a simple to browse user interface. Using it you can also download, album information, envelop art, lyrics etc from the Internet and it also appears with an incorporated tag editor. It also comes with a file rename capability it will provide with facility to rate your songs and it also includes a visualizations. You can also diminish it to a small clear strip. It also comprises some music question games and includes a Dj style. This will provide with really good environment for music organization and other contents.

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