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Thread: Feature for different model of Lava mobile

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    Feature for different model of Lava mobile

    I was using Lava mobile of the ARC03 model from last one year. It was a very good featured mobile which was very much flexible in nature and user friendly to use. As the technology is changing day by day, older things are getting replaced by newer ones. The feature of Lava ARC03 was that it was having resolution of 1.8", very cheap, supports for 2GB MicroSD, Digital camera, Video capture, Bluetooth for data exchange, support for GPRS and WAP etc. I want to have the same mobile of Lava company but with new features. Can you provide features of some lava mobile of different model.
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    Re: Feature for different model of Lava mobile

    Lava has launched his new model named as Lava KKT 15. Its price is up to 2899 Rs. It can save up to 1000 contacts and 500 messages. It support up to 4 GB of MicroSD memory card for data storing which is larger than previous lava model. It has SMS and MMS feature but it doesn’t provide email facility. It can play MP4, 3GP, AVI videos. The disadvantage of Lava KKT 15 is that it doesn’t have bluetooth or infrared support for data transmission and 3G technology is also not supported.

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    Re: Feature for different model of Lava mobile

    The features of Lava A10 are very advanced as compared to other lava model. Its price is up to 5499 Rs and has a resolution of 240 x 320 Pixels, 3.0". It can store up to 2000 contacts and 1000 messages. Provides support for 16 GB of MicroSD memory card. It has SMS, MMS and email facility. It has 3.2 Mega pixel camera, MP4 video player, digital zoom with auto focus and dual LED flash. Bluetooth with A2DP and has support for GPRS, EDGE, WAP and Opera mini.

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    Re: Feature for different model of Lava mobile

    The feature of Lava KKT 30 are as follows:
    1. It support dual SIM i.e. it we can use GSM 900/1800 and CDMA 800.
    2. Digital camera of 1.3 mega pixel and provides digital zooming.
    3. It has a display colour of 2.4 Inches QVGS TFT Screen and 262K color.
    4. The music formats supported by it are MP3, MIDI, AMR, WAV and one touch FM radio with recording.
    5. It has support for GPRS connectivity and has support for expanding memory card of MicroSD up to 8 GB.
    6. It has battery of liion1150mAh model, Dual speakers, 5 way Navigation Key etc

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    Re: Feature for different model of Lava mobile

    Lava M23 is the upgraded model of Lava ARC03 and Lava KKT 15. The features of the Lava M23 model is as follows:
    • It has a resolution of 176 x 220 Pixels, 2.2".
    • Limited contacts i.e. 500.
    • 8GB MicroSD card support.
    • Digital camera up to 1.3 Mega pixel.
    • Video playing and camera zooming support.
    • For data transmission bluetooth is used with A2DP.
    • GPRS and WAP are supported.
    • Can play MP3, MIDI, AMR, WAV, AAC types of music formats.

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