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Thread: Are Dell laptops better in picture quality than Sony Vaio?

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    Are Dell laptops better in picture quality than Sony Vaio?

    I have an old desktop system placed in my photo studio . I used it to edit photos and apply special effects to it. But it has gone old now as it's performance is degraded a lot. So I have decided to purchase a laptop. I do not know which is best in Display. Either you will opt for Dell or Sony Vaio , I will not consider any other brand. But the point is that my the display feature should be superior in quality , I cannot compromise on it as my whole business relies on it.

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    Re: Are Dell laptops better in picture quality than Sony Vaio?

    I think you should go for Dell Inspiron rather than buying for Sony Vaio , Sony laptops are much more costlier than Dell systems. Apart from that the sharpness of the picture quality in the Dell laptops is far better thab the Sony VAio systems and even the contrast is better. So it will definitely help you in your photography profession , high resolution pictures in Sony VAio systems seem fuzzier and poor in contrast and Sharpness quality.
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    Re: Are Dell laptops better in picture quality than Sony Vaio?

    I agree with you totally , I too trust Dell system, I have Dell Laptop since 4 years and it is serving me faithfully since then. I cannot consider Sony Vaio at all. It has a lot of extra features which you will not find in Sony systems. In case your system has some issues and you are not able to sort it , you can be calm that time . Dell provides some extra utilities while start up and it is easy to navigate the BIOS screen s well in the Dell systems. Most people call technicians to troubleshoot their issue for them but a heavy cost , instead you can call the dell support free of charge and register yourself in the portable queue . But the most attracting is the warranty policies , if you are running in the warranty they provide you attractive offers and sometime exchange the entire system. Not only that you can even browse the free support website I think you should definitely choose the Dell if you want a reliable.
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    Re: Are Dell laptops better in picture quality than Sony Vaio?

    Yes, Dell system are good indeed , but the warranties and free support does not help much when you are using it for the business purpose , Dell systems are good for daily home usage but when multimedia comes into picture no one compare Sony Vaio systems. They have better graphical support and are much more reliable than any other. I do not deny that they are bit expensive , not a single manufacturer stand as tall as they do, if you really want best quality , my vote goes for Sony Vaio.

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    Re: Are Dell laptops better in picture quality than Sony Vaio?

    Consider the features of Dell Studio system :
    • Get creative and stay connected with the new Dell Studio 15 laptop. Its high-definition (HD), 15.6-inch, LED wide-screen design is multimedia-rich, and with a choice of colors the Dell Studio 15 is easily personalized to fit your style.
    • Now featuring Intel Core i5 processors.
    • Surround sound with subwoofer and built-in wireless card.
    • Optional backlit keyboard and mobile broadband.
    • High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) : With its HDMI port, you can enjoy the HD experience on your TV by using your laptop as your Blu-ray Disc player.
    • Surround-Sound Audio : Immerse yourself with available theater-style, surround-sound audio and a subwoofer for incredible sound quality.
    • HD Display : Fill your 16:9 aspect ratio, 15.6-inch HD LCD screen with your favorite HD movies.
    • Almost Lifelike : Choose from integrated graphics or optional 512 MB ATI discrete graphics for a premium multimedia experience.

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