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Thread: Is Winamp available for Android

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    Is Winamp available for Android

    Just i have bought a new Android mobile phone for all my enjoyment. Yesterday i read an article about that is about Winamp. This application offers total media management by synchronizing music with Winamp desktop application via Universal Serial Bus or Wi-Fi. that for mobile phone but i have one doubt that is this application is available for Android? If yes then tell me where i get it.

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    Re: Is Winamp available for Android

    Yes, you are right Winamp beta is now available for Android. I have gone through all the details of it, but I have not found any downloaded file for that for you mobile phone. If you want to download it, then you can go to the Android market for downloading it. Beta version of Winamp is compatible for your Android mobile phone that will help you to manage all your media files.

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    Re: Is Winamp available for Android

    I am not agreeing with above reply. I am Android user and I have downloaded Winamp application File on my mobile phone directly. But even installing this application I could not able to use it. I donít know why, when I open this application it stuck and my phone is freezes. All this happened after installing this application. I think this is only good for Windows phone not for Android.

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    Re: Is Winamp available for Android

    I think you should use Astro player on your Android mobile phone and I think it is better than Winamp. This is in beta version with all the major features. This music player plays audio and video player with podcasts and audiobooks support. This music player having features such as supports for fast playback, fetching album art, equalizer. I think you should get this music player instead of Winamp.

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