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Thread: How to Share iTunes library using boot camp?

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    How to Share iTunes library using boot camp?

    I am using the boot camp on the leopard which has XP loaded and to see the OSX folders on the XP, I have installed the macdrive. In my case , the iTunes library is situated on the OS X side but I want to position the XP’s iTunes to it but it should not take more space for two copies. I altered the position of the itunes library in "Preferences:Advanced" to the OSX library and I found that there is nothing happens. Do you have any idea that how can I do that. Need help.

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    Re: How to Share iTunes library using boot camp?

    OK, you can try to do that in some other way that I am going to tell you. You should move the library to your windows partition and if you do this then you will be able to make use of it in cooperation with OS X and XP. But you have to make sure that you have changed the settings in iTunes so that you have not to copy the music files in OS X. Just give it a try and I think that this will do the work for you.

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    Re: How to Share iTunes library using boot camp?

    According to me there may be two problems and that is why you are not able to do that. Below are two major problems that is possible in your case.
    1. In your default music iTunes think its database files in a folder named "iTunes" and that is why it is not possible to point the iTunes to some other directory. You can only put the media files exterior to the default path and that is "<Music Folder>/iTunes/iTunes Music".
    2. If we talk about the database then I would like to tell you that it contains the exact path to the media files which is different for different operating system though the physical location is same.

    I know that this is not the solution but this will clear the idea in your mind that why you are not able to do that.

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    Re: How to Share iTunes library using boot camp?

    The reasons for this posted by Carlos16 is very correct but if there is a problem then it also has the solution for this and I am going to tell you that.
    • What you can do is, just copy and paste the iTunes folder to its correct location in the Windows that is “My Documents\My Music” but you have to leave the iTunes Music folder along with the media files.
    • Now if you see the playlist then you will come to know that that the playlist are there but the title are not accessible. Now you have to locate the path where the files exist that is “(~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music”. Once you are done with this then it will rewrite the database files.

    I hope that this will help you.

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    Re: How to Share iTunes library using boot camp?

    I think that you should take a look at the iTunes' preferences. You will find this in the "General" tab of the "Advanced" section. You can put the complete iTunes library (database, XML file, album artwork, etc.) wherever you want. You will find that it defaults to the Music folder in the home folder of the user. There is no means that you have to put it there only. You can also put it on the external hard drive, a flash drive, a network share or any other medium that you choose.

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    Re: How to Share iTunes library using boot camp?

    You can also try this. You have to set up an external drive which will be able to readable on both the operating system. I mean that this should be read/write on both OS. After that you have to move all the music on the iTunes on it. Once you are done with that then you have to go into every iTunes on both OS as well as change where the music is.

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