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Thread: What is the easiest way to backup

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    What is the easiest way to backup

    I would like to utilize Windows using boot camp on my Mid-2010 13" Macbook Pro. I've been utilizing it for a little months utilizing just Snow Leopard. Though, when I try to separate 20 GB utilizing Boot Camp support, I find this message:"The disk cannot be separated since a few files cannot be moved. Backup the hard disk and utilize hard disk function to format it as a only Mac OS Extended volume. Restore your data to the hard disk and attempt using Boot Camp supporter again."This sounds big but is there a easy means to backup?

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    Re: What is the easiest way to backup

    As you want an easiest way to backup the data which you have on the drive in the system you are using. I would like to suggest you to use an external hard drive to store the data and then move all the data from the systems hard drive to the external hard drive. And this way you will be able to keep the data backup for the system. I think this will help you to get the solution.

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    Re: What is the easiest way to backup

    You can use the clone using restore option for the disk utility for this you need to follow the steps I am providing below:
    • First of all open the disk utility from the utility folder
    • Select the destination to where you want to move the data from the system hard drive which you can find from the left side menu.
    • After doing this click on the restore button which you will find in the displays main window.
    • After this you need select the destination and then select the source volume and drag them to their appropriate entry field.
    • Now after checking them as they are right then click on the restore button.

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    Re: What is the easiest way to backup

    For the simple way of backup data you need use the following steps given below:
    • You should to use a systematic way of storing the data in the folder.
    • For the systematic way of keeping data you need to buy an external hard disk.
    • After this you need to move the data which you want backup can move the data to the external drive.

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