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Thread: Kingston 80gb pen drive Wont format or open

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    Kingston 80gb pen drive Wont format or open

    Recently I have purchase 80gb Kingston pen drive. But now it is not working properly. I am not able to open OR format it completely by window. Also I have try to open my pen drive in all my USB ports but still it is not working. Please try to solve my problem.

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    Re: Kingston 80gb pen drive Wont format or open

    There can be more reasons behind such problems, some of the common problems are:
    1)Virus Issue (Virus can also harm to Pen Drive as it harm to PC. It also prevent the pen drive from formatting it. To get through this problem run a virus scan on pen drive. This will now help you to format you are pen drive).
    2)Corrupted flash chips on the pen drive (hardware fault).
    3) Fake pen drives.(As this kind of cheap pen drives are available in the market).

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    Re: Kingston 80gb pen drive Wont format or open

    In many Occasions, your PC may not detect your drive. There could be several reasons for it:
    1) Your hard disk is not properly connected: Check the cable OR card connecting hard disk to the mother board. Remove the card and re-insert it again. Check the power cable supplying current from SMPS(Power Supplier) to the hard disk.
    2) In some cases you have to format the drive but it may result in loss of data if you could not back up your data stored on the disk.
    3) If your computer fails to detect thumb drive, ensure that drivers for USB are properly installed. It can be checked by clicking on "Control panel", then selecting "system: and then "device driver".

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    Re: Kingston 80gb pen drive Wont format or open

    Try following few steps to solve the problems:
    First go to "Start", then run "cmd" when command prompt opens type "diskpart" then type "list disk" when you see your disk type "select disk x" were "x" is your disks number. when selected type "clean". I hope it will solve your problem.

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    Re: Kingston 80gb pen drive Wont format or open

    hey "Barclay" it really help me to solve my problem dude................

    thnax again buddy may GOD bless u........................

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