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Thread: Windows 7: Screen flickers while playing game

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    Windows 7: Screen flickers while playing game

    I am having a Dell computer with the windows 7 compatibility and along with that the 3GB RAM with the 320GB hard disk drive ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450 graphic card. Mainly I used this for the gaming purpose. Till the last few days back the machine was running fine but from the 2 days back I encountered the peculiar problem in the computer, while I click on the desktop icon which is used to launch the player file. Whenever I tried to play the game in my computer, the computer is freezes for some while and appears the screen in black, also the game sound is stutter and the keyboard and the mouse will responds nothing. Anyone having any solution for this problem? Any suggestion will be appreciatedů

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    Re: Windows 7: Screen flickers while playing game

    I think there should be some problem with the graphic card, suggest you to reinstall the graphic card that you are using also you can try this one with the upgrade the graphic card. Make sure that you are using the right version of the graphic card that you are having. After that it requires the system restart for the apply the upgrade of the software. And then reconfigure the graphic card with the computer hardware, I hope this will after that will not create any problem.

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    Re: Windows 7: Screen flickers while playing game

    This absolutely for the graphic card problem, if your system is old then recommend you to use the 300W PSU, which is very good for playing the game. Because sometimes it found that the game that you are playing is not supported with the PSU that you are using, and this will put stress in the computer PSU also in to the graphic card. So for that if you are using any low PSU then this will might be the cause for the overheating problem in the graphic card. In your post that you mentioned regarding the screen problem it will encountered for the VRAM overheating of the graphic card. As per my knowledge the graphic card that you using is support the PSU mainly for the gaming purpose.

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    Re: Windows 7: Screen flickers while playing game

    You can also try this one by the change the resolution of the computer where you are facing the problem while playing any game, the ATI Mobility┬ Radeon HD 3450 graphic card is accomplished with all the Dell machines. This graphic card is mainly used for the entertainment and the gaming purpose. You will force the particular resolution to play the game in your computer. I recommend you to set the com put it in the high resolution to play the game, set this for a few while after that you can change it to its original graphic settings. Open the control setting window of the ATI Catalyst and there you decrease the display setting of the screen.

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    Re: Windows 7: Screen flickers while playing game

    Relevant problem with my graphic card, the problem is also occurring while I tried to play the game in my computer. my computer specification is as the 2G RAM with the 560GB hard disk drive. It stops the function of the computer while tried to play the file. There is no response in the computer screen; i8t happens for a while after that it will return in its place automatically. One of my friends who is having the same computer specification, where the same game is playing very smooth, but why it happens in my computer? My computer is running under the windows Vista environment with the NVIDIA graphic card. Any idea on this?

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