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Thread: Laptop for video editing mainly

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    Laptop for video editing mainly

    Hello dear community. I've Recently Googled, hoping to get answers to my questions and then I noticed this board is here with a committed community. Therefore, I place my request for help immediately talk to the board. I will soon set a laptop for maximum of 1400 neuron. Applications are :
    1. Video editing, photo editing, 3D (with programs like Sony Vegas, Adobe After FX, Photoshop, Cinema 4D)
    2. Programming for beginners
    3. Have TERA likely because only in the eye but is there an online game that the requirements, yes; games (but not the latest from the latest not be too high surf)

    I have for almost 3 years with a Tower: Q6600 2.4 Ghz; 3Gig RAM, NVidia GeForce 8800 GT. Experience with this system: - Video processing: The processing of a video with the above programs is progressing very slowly. The biggest shortcoming is the Lagging at the preview playback in the program (currently mainly Sony Vegas 8.0 per). I have 2 video tracks, for example, over- each set and apply effects, which should be pretty well timed, I must render this section mostly to check whether is the timing. Rendering takes a long time. So, now to my questions. I think some have emerged from the above text already. So what should I look for especially when I want to adopt a laptop is to be strong in video editing? Is a Quad-Core i7 really essential? Which hardware component is responsible for reproducing the lagging at the preview? I am hoping that some members would be interested in helping me.

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    Re: Laptop for video editing mainly

    If you do not mind the fan noise. But there are better options. The thing plays virtually everything and does not botch. For what exactly? I'm also a student and I needed one. Do I have not. I was too stupid to lug around the block of notebook. Mate had one and it has regularly transported and after 1-1,5 years, the housing and later refused the entire notebook. The Q6600 with a little OC (3-3.2GHz) still tears a lot. The i7 720QM is then even more slowly. Pick the CPUs out and sit on top of the points from the Q6600 for 1 / 3. For RAM and CPU show off instead of a mess. In this regard, the Packard Bell is good. What would bother me would be the ATI graphics. The 5650 is indeed very useful but Nvidia graphics with at least GT330 would be better or possibly make with CUDA in After Effects and Co for benefits.

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    Re: Laptop for video editing mainly

    As far as I know some video and photo programs are now using CUDA. I know it as well as not so good. A current 7200 RPM drive provides not for the best battery time but when reloading the help already. Sometimes those parts already make sense. Mobile worked but eh no bad videos and photos only it can be pleasant if you entrain home shuts its work and on the next socket (from what I looking out) continues to work. A battery wonder these things have never been and if it does, then heavy as lead. A nice 15 or 17 inch MacBook Pro with GT330 would be just your cup of tea.

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    Re: Laptop for video editing mainly

    I say nothing against. Let him do what he thinks is right. I wanted to express my concerns only once. But I find that one man might not lead to a wrong track by letting hinted that a mobile i7 CPU is as fast as a desktop ... If it's really professional and sophisticated video editing would be a desktop PC with i7 950 noticeably faster and cheaper at the same time. This then maybe a netbook and it would probably be fine out. But it does know the PD itself. As I said. If you want to place A and B create clever without having to go two places nix Desktop past a thick notebook.

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    Re: Laptop for video editing mainly

    At first the notebook proposals. Dell tells me more than the Packard Bell, except that it does not have a Full HD display (1920x1080) and usb3.0. The general description of borsch-24 has helped me very far. Treated pretty much my problem. Avaka has shown good, plus I want to connect it to the TV via HDMI and watch HD videos. With a tower that is impossible for me because I can not place it near the TV. I also need the laptop for uni. I am using at the time no professional video editing but yet so far and much impeded a slow system. So far, I have suggestions: i7, 6-8 GB RAM. About graphics card I'm still in the dark but it looks like you have not there always a large selection.

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