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Thread: Best iTunes Cleanup Tool

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    Best iTunes Cleanup Tool

    I like to make the collection of the MP3 and i have a very good collections of MP3 in my iTunes but now it becomes very headache of dupes. I wanted to clean up this and also I want to correct the meta-data, and organize all this by genre. If anyone know, which tools will be better to use for my iTunes then, please reply me? Any suggestion will appreciate. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Best iTunes Cleanup Tool

    I think you should get the TuneUp for iTunes. TuneUp is powerful add-in which listen your mp3 collection digitally, TuneUp is removes the gray music notes and also add cover to your album collection. And using this you can also boost your music experience. In my recommendation you should go with this tool for use in your iTunes. I hope this tool may help you.

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    Re: Best iTunes Cleanup Tool

    There is a tool called as Tidysongs tool which is completely made for the iTunes. Its having all the features which you are looking for your iTunes. Many of the other programs like iTunes compatible with these tools. The main feature of this tool that is, if you have misspelled your songs name then the database of this tool,will search for the matching artwork and delete the duplicates. If you are having any other query then reply me.

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    Re: Best iTunes Cleanup Tool

    I have been using multifunction TagScanner 5.1.592 tool for my iTunes. It is multilanguage and easy to use interface. It has been build in multiformat player. using this you can manage and organize all your mp3 collection, you can edit, rename the tags and also you can create the play-list very quickly. and can support for the Unicode.

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