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Thread: iPod Touch 4G: while using Remote App 2.0 not detected the iTunes

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    iPod Touch 4G: while using Remote App 2.0 not detected the iTunes

    Having a brand new iPod touch 4G with the latest feature and the technology which is very much impressed me with all of its features and the looks of the device. I installed the iTune application in my computer, which is running under the environment of the Windows 7 operating system. I am using the Apple's Remote Application version 2.0 with the iPhone device. This is working well with the iPhone 4. But one problem is that while I tried to access but it does not shows up me the passkey for the accessing the device. Having the iTunes application which is enable the home sharing option. There is similar issue, not showing me the access code to use the network connectivity. The interesting problem is that while I tried to access with the Airport Express with my PC it shows me the unknown error named as "unknown error (-15006)". I can’t understand why is it happening. Any idea on this issue?

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    Re: iPod Touch 4G: while using Remote App 2.0 not detected the iTunes

    I have a solution for the problem that you mentioned in your post, I hope this will definitely help you to overcome from your problem. I did this and I t helps me very much. The solution is the, first you have to log in the computer with the Administrator user ID and the password and then proceed to the control panel, recommend you to switch the control panel in the classic view mode, then go to Services under the Administrative Tool, look for the iPod services by simply scrolling down the list of the services in the services window. Right click on the iPod services for proceed to the properties window of the iPod services option. Look for the option which is named as 'Startup Type’; change the order of that into automatic or to delay and click on the Apply option. Restart the machine, and then connect the iPod with computer I hope this time it will detect the iPod in the iTune application.

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    Re: iPod Touch 4G: while using Remote App 2.0 not detected the iTunes

    This solution is for the MAC compatibility machines, tries this with the windows computer, and might be it will work there. Is there nothing happen with the iTune application while you connect it with the computer? Then I suggest you restart the machine also the iPhone. The aging try to connect the device with the computer, I think it will then detect the device. If still it not recognize the iPhone, then hold the home and sleep buttons and still then do this it will not start the iPod it will ask you for the switch off the iPod. Restart the device and unplug the device from the computer, again plug it into the computer, this time it will surely detect the iPod. After the detection of the iPod it will show you the icon of the ITunes into the iPod screen. after the process it will require fro the system reboot, do this, it is required for the complete installation.
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    Re: iPod Touch 4G: while using Remote App 2.0 not detected the iTunes

    The solution that I mentioned bellow, is works for me , while I was also facing the similar issue, now suggest you to go through the process, it will help you. But before to do the operation you back up all the files of t your iPhone.
    • Re-install the application of the device like the iTunes and the QuickTime from the apple device management, make sure that all of them are comes with the driver.
    • Uninstall iTunes into the latest version.
    • It will require the restart of your computer. Download and install iTunes to the latest version.
    • Also try with these steps
    1. In the iphone, reset all settings
    2. switch to the USB cords
    • Restore your iPhone by DFU mode(recommend you to use the application ZiPhone

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    Re: iPod Touch 4G: while using Remote App 2.0 not detected the iTunes

    The following steps are useful in the window computer. Try with the following steps this will help you to overcome from the problem. I did this same procedure in my windows XP computer and really help you.

    1. Connect the iPhone with your computer.
    2. Go to the Universal Serial Bus controllers under the Device Manager of the iPhone.
    3. Look for the driver name of the device.
    It will shows like the “USB Mass Storage Device”.
    Double check this by clicking on the driver name and looking for the “Location” of the driver.
    4. Select the appropriate driver of the device and click for the uninstall of the device.
    5. After the uninstall, disconnect the iPhone from the computer and RESTART the machine.
    6 re-plug the iPhone with the computer and will then the window will detect the Device.
    Once its successfully done, open itunes and your iPhone should show up.
    P6: Once after that the iTune and the iPhone will work in the computer with the desired tasks that that you tried for.

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