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Thread: Saved games on iPod Touch

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    Saved games on iPod Touch

    I have a iPod Touch 3G jailbreak 4.0 MC-model, my problem is that game saving. The capacity is 6.83 GB even though it is an 8GB. My problem is that iTunes is that my iPod 348 MB disk space consumed. Once I deleted all the apps, but is it still there under the category "Other". So i did not save the save the game in ipod touch. Please help.

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    Re: Saved games on iPod Touch

    You need to use game support center. A quick note too that on the release of the imported iOS 1.4 Game Center. The global high score list ensures your scores, if required, even if the corresponding game should have already flown back from their own device. When you delete games GameCenter support asks you the "Leader Board" that the scores achieved to date will also be deleted or the Game Center view further illustrated.

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    Re: Saved games on iPod Touch

    You need to use itunes as a backup tool to save game. iTunes secure some game data, unfortunately, not all. If you're going to be pretty sure, then save over SSH. you go through SSH to the folder:
    . / Private / var / mobile / Applications /********************** (any ID)
    and you save from the appropriate folder for the program folder Documents from. You play it again after recovery. Cydia apps as AppBackup have shown in me can not function after recovery.

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    Re: Saved games on iPod Touch

    You not copy over the game App. Under / User / Applications /apps/ are indeed the individual Apps. There in lies one / User / Applications / Documents, This folder stores all user data in the program are stored.
    - Secure these folders from the touch
    - IPhone set up and install programs
    - Copy the data from the old Documents folders to the new iPhone.
    Choose from the lower edge of the Browser "root folder", then via private >var mobile> applications to the directory with the AppStore programs.

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    Re: Saved games on iPod Touch

    First you can save on the memory. The memory unit can not you just move the profile to copy. But then you have probably but the record to the ipod, then you can copy the profile, together with savegames. In addition, you ca save addition to the transmission via the USB interface, other apps on your device to send data to this application. For example, you can enter your e-mail attachments to download this app. Thanks to the Thumbmail feature you will see your files or documents in a detailed view. Within the documents you navigate easily with finger painting (as in your photos).

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