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Thread: BBC iPlayer on the nokia N8

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    BBC iPlayer on the nokia N8

    I want to know that BBC iPlayer is supported with nokia n8, because it is possible videos on my nokia N8 play in high quality without converting complicated and troublesome. While Flash Cards do not have enough computing power to offer high-definition video, can trump the iPlayer with its built-in decoding chip. Can anybody know that. Please explain.

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    Re: BBC iPlayer on the nokia N8

    The BBC has launched a new version of the iPlayer and equips that it with several features for personalizing and socializing. it is works with all nokia phones. At least the radio program is also available in all country. Revised is also the user interface with navigation, in addition to television and radio broadcasts now listed separately, including a favorites list is on board. Recently, programs can be as in the classic television channels and to follow up on returning to the point at which began the mix It Up. About five million surfers in the network to control the iPlayer a week, so is the web site is by far the largest and most popular library in the UK.

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    Re: BBC iPlayer on the nokia N8

    The success of iPlayer was not in sight. And yet, the tool was alone in the first week after publication of more than 120,000 times downloaded. Within six months, the BBC reached 500,000 users - a realistic goal. You can pull videos via the BBC iPlayer from servers. The software's for Windows, Mac and Linux, in addition to Nintendo's Wii game console and the Playsation 3 from Sony. Also in the pockets of the British, the BBC thought: the iPlayer running on mobile phones from Nokia, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, and of course Apple's iPhone.

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    Re: BBC iPlayer on the nokia N8

    The bbc iPlayer is available in some network operator available in all countries - enriched with a rich electronic program guide (EPG). The iPlayer the BBC offers a variety of recordings from the BBC radio and television programs: glossy documentaries, shows or series. One would like to also access it from Germany and possibly download the movies for the iPod. The problem is that the BBC makes it extremely difficult to foreign users.

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    Re: BBC iPlayer on the nokia N8

    If you using BBC iplayer, you need to divert the entire Internet traffic must have a UK server. Normal in public proxy servers - when they run at all - usually much too slow for the data rate, which requires a broadband video. Its not often you find a proxy server on which the video is running reasonably smoothly. You need to find the list of proxy servers. The BBC broadcasts can look like, but not download. Because for a Windows desktop software is required that is based on Adobe Air. In this application can register for the connection, no proxy server.

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    Re: BBC iPlayer on the nokia N8

    You need to find the software application Jaksta that "listens" to the installation virtually to filter all Internet traffic of your own computer, and can URLs of media files, automatically record and then on request even convert to other formats (eg iPod or iPhone). The program costs after the trial period of about 30 $. The path is relatively simple:

    * British proxy server and activate in your browser settings.
    * BBC iPlayer call.
    * The video start.
    * Jaksta will automatically start the download.

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