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Thread: Genius Sidebar disappears in iTunes With Update of 10.0.1

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    Genius Sidebar disappears in iTunes With Update of 10.0.1

    Hi friends, I donít know how my Genius sidebar disappears when I updated it with 10.0.1 version. When I noticed that my genius sidebar has been disappears and it had been replaced with the ping sidebar. I had never used Ping sidebar but automatically come on the screen. It is disappointing me because it was one of the features in iTunes that I liked and used it very usually. Does anyone know that how to enable the genius sidebar. Because it has completely disappeared after the update of 10.0.1 and is been replaced with the ping sidebar. Help me to fix this critical issue.

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    Re: Genius Sidebar disappears in iTunes With Update of 10.0.1

    The genius sidebar is not yet being installed from your iTunes. The Genius sidebar is in fact, still with us. At the lower right hand of your iTunes window, you can see the drop down box with the arrow. The very next to that is the genius symbol. The thing you want to do is just hit the Genius sidebar and may find your genius sidebar back on the screen. If you currently have a ping sidebar you may just need to hit the box with the arrow to hide it. Your genius sidebar will be back on your screen and now you may enjoy it. I donít mind playing with Ping sidebar, willing to give it a few more months, but I really love the Genius sidebar.

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    Re: Genius Sidebar disappears in iTunes With Update of 10.0.1

    Your Genius sidebar is not yet gone. Itís into your iTunes window. The steps you want to perform is First go to the store menu item and then turn it off for a while. You will find that it will be back on your screen. Agree to the BS, turn it all back on. It has its own section in the left panel. The point of the article is that it has gone from the sidebar. And it still works when you click a song. The Genius icon at the bottom left highlights when you click a song. People panic when someone move the thing. To make a Genius play list based on a song in your iTunes library in 10.0.1, select the song and control-click. Choose Start Genius from the pop-up menu. it is something new in Genius sidebar.
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    Re: Genius Sidebar disappears in iTunes With Update of 10.0.1

    I got it. First go into your programs folder in the finder and drag ITunes to the trash. Then we can download 10.0.0 from the link that sekoyo provided on their website. Upload it and then install it in the normal way. I tried that trash and reinstall. The installer can get started because the HD is flagged and it will display the message that it cannot be installed. I just downloaded back to 10.0.0 using the link that Sekoya provided, it worked well, but now Genius Recommendations are currently unavailable : I hope it won't be forever.Genius is Genius now I am buying more music from iTunes.PING sidebar is useless because it is not user friendly compare to the Genius sidebar.

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