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Thread: iPod touch (4G) vs iPod touch (3G)

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    iPod touch (4G) vs iPod touch (3G)

    I want to purchase an iPod, but i am not to decide that which iPod to buy. I have a Confusion between iPod touch (4G) and iPod touch (3G). Which one to buy? Is there anyone who is having knowledge related with this topic? Can you suggest me your opinion on this topic? Please provide you support so that i can decide, which device to buy. Thanks.

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    Re: iPod touch (4G) vs iPod touch (3G)

    According to me iPod touch 4g is better than iPod touch 3g.This is because of following reasons.
    1. The iPod touch 4g is thinner as compared to 3g.
    2. The 4g has more advance features and hardware specifications as compared to 3g.
    3. 4g has two cameras in it i.e front camera and rear camera, which is not present in the 3g.
    4. The 4G also has Retina display present in it.

    Hope you have got enough difference between the two.
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    Re: iPod touch (4G) vs iPod touch (3G)

    I am providing you few differences between the iPod touch 4g and iPod touch 3g.
    • The 4g is having Apple A4 chip processor and the 3g is having 600MHz, Cortex-A8 architecture.
    • The operating system used by 4g is “iOS 4 " and 3g is "OS 3.x".
    • The 4g is having 512MB of RAM and the 3g is having 256MB RAM.
    • 4g comes with three capacities i.e. 8 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB and 3g comes with two capacities i.e. 32GB or 64GB.

    Refer this content and I hope that it will help you in making the decision for choosing the device.

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    Re: iPod touch (4G) vs iPod touch (3G)

    I have used 3g and now i am using the 4g and i know little bit difference between the two.The weight of 4g (101 grams) is less as compared to 3g(115 grams).The ipod 4g has 40 hours of music playback and the 3g has 30 hours of music playback.The resolution of 4g (960×640-pixel) is high as compared to 3g (480×320-pixel). I think that you have got the require answer. Hope it will help to you in solving your dought. If you require more support on this topic, then you can reply me back.

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    Re: iPod touch (4G) vs iPod touch (3G)

    I think that the 4g is better than iPod touch 3g, because the 4g supports a FaceTime Apple chat application and also a 3-axis gyroscope application which is not present in the 3g phone. The 3g also does not support the video recording, which is supported by 4g. Even the performance of 4g is better as compared to 3g. So i would advise you to buy a iPod touch 4g. Hope has helped you in making the decision.

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    Re: iPod touch (4G) vs iPod touch (3G)

    Thanks for giving the reply. I have referred all the posts and i founded each one of them as very helpful. I have now got the enough difference between the two devices. Now i have decided it purchase a iPod touch 4g. The solution which you all provide d was good one, so i would once again like to thank you for helping me out and even for spending your precious time in sending me the reply.

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