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Thread: Song plays only for 10 seconds in my laptop

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    Song plays only for 10 seconds in my laptop

    I have got the problem to listing song in my laptop system. But, when I can’t the listing songs more then 10 seconds. Any songs I played only played for 10 seconds. I already to setup the new media player bat the I can no t the play songs more than 10 seconds. I really seek for this problem can’t solved and I can’t enjoy the listing the mp3 file. And give me good suggestion for the which media player good for my laptop and tell me the what can I do for my laptop to giving me good result for the mp3 file can listing in full length. Please tell me how to solved my this problem. I would be obliged if some one is trying to help me.

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    Re: Song plays only for 10 seconds in my laptop

    Many times the audio player playback mode is intro. You just checked the your media player mode. Some times problem is players installation problem for that they can’t play more then 10 to 20 second after that player can frees. For this laptop problem can be increased in the laptop you want stop this application to press the at a one time ctrl+alt+delete to show the dialog box is called that box is task manager. To stop that media player application. You should be able to find an option to turn this off in the MP3 player's menu. It is effect to stop the processing.

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    Re: Song plays only for 10 seconds in my laptop

    It is the very good solution for you. You go to checked the software can install properly or not this problem most of for installation problem. The media player you can use for mp3 file and video file is good for your VlC media player good for your computer. First to installation was proper after you can use the player. And after that you want to checked your sound card driver is working properly or not. This issue is come for the sound card. And after the drivers also important for this problem. You get the help full to solved your not playing mp3 file.

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    Re: Song plays only for 10 seconds in my laptop

    MP4 files aren't work for all the media player. You really upload the VLC player. But in this issue not the sound card problem. In this problem only a players show the problem because some times players mode automatic go to intro mode or many time the problem was software installation of problem. The first reinstall the software properly and the register your software the Lice no. on internet site and do use legally software in your Laptop. After the restart your laptop before the use the media player. You definitely to solved your problem.

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