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Thread: X25M + Intel RST getting slow when Windows7 boot.

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    X25M + Intel RST getting slow when Windows7 boot.

    I contain an Intel X25-M SSD 80GB (newest firmware). My arrangement is pretty easy: Intel DG45ID mobo (newest BIOS) by means of Intel Core 2 Duo E8300 and a Radeon HD 5450. I have set up Windows 7 x64 and every newest driver, the SSD is arranged as AHCI in the BIOS. The peculiarity is that as quickly as I set up the newest version of RST (i.e. 9.6), the boot time of Windows 7 turn into some way slower. Previous to RST, Windows 7 boots in 25 seconds, following it get similar to 1 minute and 30 seconds. Throughout the boot by means of Intel RST: the display stays on the Windows symbol perpetually and the HD LED is hard blue. Not anything is plug in USB and fine there's no extra devices close to the system. As quickly as I uninstall the Intel RST, boot time is quick all over again. Anybody practiced this problem? Is there any solution? Do I require the Intel RST? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: X25M + Intel RST getting slow when Windows7 boot.

    It appear that intel x25-m doesn’t participate so pleasant by means of windows 7 boot system for at the present and it simply inconsistency by means of the boot time since the windows has problem finding the x25-m as the boot drive (contain to grip down alternative key every time I reboot). Moreover I'm not capable to set up windows via boot camp as the boot system cannot discover the boot drive properly. This build boot time a lot longer than it actually receive for the intel x25-m to fill operating system up, I've observed a system which load operating system through an intel x25-m on youtube or some other video site previous to which took 5-6 seconds flat.

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    Re: X25M + Intel RST getting slow when Windows7 boot.

    Utilize crystal disk to benchmark for your ssd. I determine to tell you if it’s not working up to spec. I contain an intel 40g and a 80g generation ssd and by means of that it contain the toolbox software or if you don’t have then you can download the software from the authorized website of Intel. That software will inform you if somewhat is incorrect among your ssd. My proposal is if somewhat is incorrect; apply a program to write all the blocks to zero. Now Google it for the free of charge ones. If I’m not wrong when you configure an ssd, it doesn’t note down zeros to it. It’s not similar to a spindle hard disk.

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    Re: X25M + Intel RST getting slow when Windows7 boot.

    This is the similar performance that I encompass when I attempt to set up the newest version of RST (9.6).Till nowadays, no answer for this. I'm going with the default Win 7 driver with no problems. I don't suggest you to use RST for now. You can also take the help from Intel help, but I don't contain too much trust for the reason that I have put my report of problems long before, and they are not attending our demands. Only when the difficulty is disturbing to lot of users. Don’t get to tense about this you can get the solution on their website I think as I am happy in this situation. I think this will help you to get the desired solution

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