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Thread: X-25MG2 160GB really slow on windows 7

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    X-25MG2 160GB really slow on windows 7

    I have a solid state drive for at least two months and it was working great. I am facing a little issue that my system shutting down takes almost twelve to fifteen seconds to shut down. Later on it was only taking a time of four minutes only it started after I have used the toolbox. I have used the toolbox to run only for 5 to 10 minutes weekly, After this I have live it to run for a week to see how trim it work by itself. Well after three week I found a little change and it came to shut down the system within 10 to 12 sec. Then I have tried running the toolbox again last night but it isnít work as the system started shutting down by 5 to 6 minutes. I think this time it doesnít worked. I want to know how to monitor the trimming process of the toolbox. Also note that I am using this configuration: win 7 ult. x64, ich10, ahci mode, msachi drivers, x58 motherboard. Any help for this issue.

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    Re: X-25MG2 160GB really slow on windows 7

    I have done a lot of search on the net and find that it is the problem related to the hard drive and ssd of the system. It can be solved by disabling the system restore. You can also use an extra SSD hard drive for the backup of your information. Also you have to disable the hibernation and some saving space of the system. Try doing this I think this may be helpful to you.

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    Re: X-25MG2 160GB really slow on windows 7

    As you are not getting the speed for the shut down the system and it seems that it is related to the system restore problem. I think this can be solved by reinstalling the windows operating system. Now check that your trimming is increased or not. Also you can get the solution on TRIM running time issue by erasing some restore points.

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    Re: X-25MG2 160GB really slow on windows 7

    I think as you are using windows 7 and msachi driver then there is no need to run an optimizer. Still from your description it seems that this problem can be solved by doing some deletion in the previous restore points leaving last one available or by keeping backup for the same and after that just disable the system restore. I haven’t yet used this system restore so I don’t have any idea if have many restore points affect your system then how to run the TRIM automatically. You can also search for this on the net.

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    Re: X-25MG2 160GB really slow on windows 7

    Your case seems that appearing anywhere which is related to the system restore which is being on and manual trim is taking a long time. As your system optimizer taking a long time which results in trim is not working correctly. I think only one thing that can help you to get the solution is HDDErase 3.3. Use this to get the solution. I think this will help you to get the desired solution. Try doing this.

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