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Thread: How To create Live tiles in Windows Phone 7?

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    How To create Live tiles in Windows Phone 7?

    Hi friends, how do I make use of Live Tiles in windows Phone 7. I am not able to create the live tiles in WP7! Is there any kind of solution for it? Is it Possible for me to remove my application name from the tile that appears on the top of images? Although mine background image exist the name of my application that is written on it. I was searching for its related forum from internet but I was unable to find any kind of help from it. What is the simpler way to write the tile in windows phone 7? Help me

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    Re: How To create Live tiles in Windows Phone 7?

    The windows Phone 7 have the best performance as far as I am concerned compare to other such application. There is no other better emulator which is been designed yet. It is the very first release and it is the only release in the market. App Hub is the site where you can find all the developers information which is from Microsoft about Windows Phone 7. It contains the some amount of information for developing and communicating with Lives Tiles. But it is still incomplete. You may get some amount of information to how to create the Lives tiles on windows Phone 7.

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    Re: How To create Live tiles in Windows Phone 7?

    You want to create Live Tiles on your Windows Phone 7. I had read somewhere around the forum that the Tiles are not yet being able to support on the release of the emulators. But it might get possible soon after sometime. The emulators are very alpha type of version and it does not support a lot of things at a time. I think now it is not possible to create the live tiles on windows phone 7. There might be other solution for it or it might work on some other application such as silverlight.

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    Re: How To create Live tiles in Windows Phone 7?

    I do have the silverlight application. What can I do in the Silverlight application is that we can just pin an application to the home screen by clicking and holding the icon of the application and then leave it to the application page. I had done with the silverlight application. However the different applications such as the XNA application do not show up any of the application list. It may be because the application may store under the XBOX live Hub. I have not yet done any kind of testing with the tiles.
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