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Thread: Speech API for Windows Phone 7

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    Speech API for Windows Phone 7

    I have a Windows mobile and need an application for Speech. I want to know whether is it available and can we use the same. While looking out for speech technologies in mobile environment, I found a documentation on SAPI-Lite for windows mobile in MSDN. Please suggest or help me out for getting the desired solution which will let the change to get sort of the same. This will be better and hopefully to get to a better conclusion.

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    Re: Speech API for Windows Phone 7

    There is away through which you can make the changes to be performed well or function out for the thing. It will be helpful and you may then function out for the aspect well. All you need to do is to check for certain results which needs to be processed. You will need a new Windows phone 7 project. The code which will be coded in C needs to be ported to C# and to use managed api's available on the phone platform. There are audio and video playback libraries provided. You have to check out for the Quicktime support from Apple's site forWindows phone 7. For speech recognition you will need to import a library written in C# that does not use p/invoke or access hardware directly. Managed API only on Windows phone 7. So implement the steps as mentioned you may then be able to port the application.

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    Re: Speech API for Windows Phone 7

    The API that is Application programing interface needs to be synced well with the Windows phone 7. For the same it is essential that the desired parameters may get into implementation to be worked or functioned. Also other than the thing API was more of a standard interface for OEM's Basically the same would be available on 6.x varied. Do look out for the same and make the implementation to be sorted out as required. It will be better and functioned as needed.

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    Re: Speech API for Windows Phone 7

    You can check out for the change which will be better. As the support for the application was there is Windows mobile 6.5 version. Check for the updated pack that may have the support. You can contact Microsoft for the same. They will provide or guide well for the required aspect which needs to be functioned or prepared well. Make the things to be processed and get worked. You may then be able to solve the thing very well. It is necessary and essential for you to get to the solution which is needed. So do work and make the changes to be sorted.

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    Re: Speech API for Windows Phone 7

    Check out on Microsoft support site and then ask for the query. I hope they will help you out well for the same. I suppose the application may be available or they may releasing it soon for the same. In order to get functioned or sort of the change it will be better and helpful that you make the thing to get worked. May be a third party application can be used out which would support the same. Look out for the matter and get it solved. Contact the developer if the issue is not sorted.

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    Re: Speech API for Windows Phone 7

    Coding or developing a project for the same by getting the files from XNA libraries will be helpful. You can process out for thing very well which will be essential for you and make it work. Other than the desired steps which has to be processed is by adding the Microsoft.Xna.Framework.dll to your project. Now this will be helpful and you may then get to a better conclusion as assisted and required. This is better and you may then be able to perform well for the task needed. So do function well and make it process as checked. Look out.

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