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Thread: Syncing hotmail calendar with iphone

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    Syncing hotmail calendar with iphone

    I have a problem with my iPhone 4. I try to sync my iPhone with Hotmail calendar and contacts. But it is not working. I have lots of appointment on calender and it is not responding at all. I had tried syncing this a number of time but nothing is updated on my device. Is there anyone who knows a very simple way of doing this. I am also trying to use third party apps for the same but still it is not working.

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    Re: Syncing hotmail calendar with iphone

    Microsoft has given its Hotmail service support for Exchange ActiveSync, which you can synchronize and push notifications to your Hotmail account with mobile devices like the iPhone and smartphones that run on Android.

    Exchange ActiveSync can also synchronize your contacts and calendar.

    Email: "Your Mail"
    SSL enabled
    Username: "your mail"
    Password: "password"
    Domain: Blank

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    Re: Syncing hotmail calendar with iphone

    After an extensive support for POP, Hotmail Password finally to Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) on smartphones. In other words, iPhone users can now take advantage of push email and sync contacts and calendars with Hotmail. The service is started gradually: you need to configure your Hotmail account as a Microsoft Exchange (iOS 4 lets you have multiple Exchange accounts), using your username and password. It will indicate as a server and leave the field empty. If your phone asks repeatedly password is that the service is not yet in place for your account. We have received an email inviting us to try again a little later, "to use Hotmail on the move you've recently tried to activate ActiveSync service from your mobile device.

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    Re: Syncing hotmail calendar with iphone

    Hotmail with your new version brings a significant improvement for users of mobile synchronization using Exchange ActiveSync protocol, which can add Hotmail accounts like corporate Exchange accounts, this will enable the synchronization of mail, also Windows Live Calendar events, contacts and task list on Hotmail. Phones that support Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) are iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), the N, E and S of Nokia, Windows Phone 7, webOS (Palm), and Windows Mobile 6 .0 or higher.

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    To configure the service, we need the following information:
    • URL -
    • Username (Username) - here we enter our e-mail, for example.
    • Estate (Domain) - Leave this field blank
    • SSL - Enabled
    • Certification - Accept the SSL certificate when prompted

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