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Thread: Multitouch problem in Windows Phone 7

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    Multitouch problem in Windows Phone 7

    I have a Windows Phone 7 mobile phone. I have some touch problem with my Windows Phone 7. When ever i try to touch on my screen it work properly but there is a multitouch problem i face with it. When i touch on screen and after that if in short time i touch for other operation it not work and hangup. If i click one option two or three item same problem is occurs. How can i solve this problem? Is there is a problem in my mobile phone? Please help me to solve my problem. Reply me as soon as possible.
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    I think you have problem in your touch setting. If you just select single touch so it will work for single touch only. If you are interested in muititouch option then you have change your selection. So check your mobile setting and set your setting as per your requirement. After complete the setting you restart your mobile and then check your problem. I hope it will help you to solve your problem.

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    Whenever you single touch on your mobile screen it work properly but for multitouch you are getting a problem. I think you have a problem in your mobile phone setting so to solve this you have to set your setting as a default setting. For default setting you have to follow some step. Go to MENU> SETTING> PHONE SETTING> DEFAULT FACTORY SETTING. Click on it. It ask for your conformation. Click on "OK". Then it restart your mobile and change all your mobile setting. Now you can use multitouch option on your mobile phone.
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    You have to share your problem with other Windows Phone 7 mobile phone user. If there is fixed problem in it then you are not able to work with multitouch. This type of problem occurs when there is a fault in your mobile phone software. If all other users also facing same problem then no need to worry but you have to inform them so they will get idea and try to solve problem. And in feature they will solve this type of problem.
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    I think if your mobile mobile hangs up while multi clicking on your mobile screen then there is a problem is your mobile phone. If there is warranty you have for your mobile then check your mobile phone phone in a warranty period. They will solve your problem and give you the result. If major problem is detected in your mobile you will get replacement for your mobile. Otherwise if your warranty period is exceed then repair it from mobile repair shop.

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