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Thread: How to Recovery File using DiskWarrior HELP in Macbook Air

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    How to Recovery File using DiskWarrior HELP in Macbook Air

    I have a Macbook Air and when i tried to launch the operating system on it, and then i am getting the Apple logo on a white screen along with a grey progress bar at the bottom and after getting this my machine hands. I am able to access the Disk Utilities from the MAC OS X DVD with the help of the superdrive. I have tried to re-install it, but not getting to solve it out. I have even purchased a DiskWarrior. It is allowing to find the data on the drive, but i want to ask you one thing that how can i replace the directory structure. It tells me to copy the files to another drive. How can i copy those files to another drive because i have only one USB port and that also is used by the superdrive? Do suggest me the solution for this problem so that i will be able to solve it out.

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    Make the use of Apple external display

    I feel that the best way to do this is by making a bootable backup using a program. Even i was also facing the same problem and i was able to boot successful from the external hard drive and i was able to recover some files which were not backing up. You can also use an Apple external display which has a USB hub and it allows connecting a superdrive and other USB devices. There are also other usb hubs which allow making the connection; you can also go for them. After that you can run an Apple hardware test in order to check whether there is a Hardware problem or not. I hope that you must have got the answer. So try to implement it. Hope it helps.

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    Run the DiskWarrior on your machine

    I am providing a solution in for solving this issue; you can make refer of it.
    You will have to run the DiskWarrior on your machine-
    1. You will need to get another mac machine and also need to install the OS X on external USB 2.0 drive
    2. After doing that you need to boot the mac from it.
    3. Now you will require installing the DiskWarrior on that drive and in the utility folder.
    4. After doing that disconnect the external drive from your other computer.
    5. Try to connect it to your original MBA and then reboot it.
    6. Now you need to run the DiskWarrior on the external drive and within the utilities.
    7. Open the external drive on your hard drive and try to copy recovered files from the DiskWarrior.
    8. You are now done with that.

    I think that your problem will be solved after trying this solution.

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    Create a new external hard with same name/password

    I would like to tell you one thing that when you are trying to recover your hard drive using the DiskWarrior, then it will retain the same user permissions as the previous one. So i will recommend you to create your new external hard drive and while creating this you need to create a user on this. Keep one thing in mind that the user which you are creating must have the same name/password as your old hard drive. Once you do this you are done with it. You can try this out and see what you get. Hope it will help you.

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    Recovered HD using DiskWarrior

    I have referred all the posts which are provided above. I tried to use the solution provided by the ChrisUlrich and XDRoX. I trying to recover your hard drive using the DiskWarrior and also provided it same name/password. After doing this when i tested the system, then it was working fine. Now i am having no such problem and it has saved my lot of money, so i would like to thank ChrisUlrich and XDRoX for posting your suggestion and spending your precious time in giving the reply.

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