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Thread: Combo Box for the Windows phone 7

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    Combo Box for the Windows phone 7

    I am using the Windows 7 mobile from a very long time; it is very good with all the features and the look. Now I wish to use the combo box into windows mobile, I know that it comes with the style of the Microsoft Silverlight application. And want to gather some information about this application; any one is there to provide me the information on the Combo box application?

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    Re: Combo Box for the Windows 7 phone

    The combo box application is designed for the windows mobile and the computers, which are hidden on the tool box of the device menu bar. There are some of the styles inside the application which are for the user interface consistency. The metro style in the combo box is look like the drop down list, where all the options of the device are situating and there will be access by the applying with the proper one. The metro style is defined for the Combo Box, and sometimes it is found that the application is not fit with the basic user interface design. You can able to make the style with the TextBox and ListBox. But it might be less worthy to work on the text Box and on the List Box.

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    Re: Combo Box for the Windows 7 phone

    I found one simple script which is used to make the auto complete Combo box in normal combo box list in the windows mobile or the computer, for the operation with the operation you just have to set the combo box I the drop down list into the system windows forum, apply the script into the combo box, hope this will help you:

    private void cbo_KeyUp(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
        string text = null;
        int num = -1;
        object item = null;
        string str3 = null;
        ComboBox box = (ComboBox)sender;
        switch (e.KeyCode)
            case Keys.Left:
            case Keys.Up:
            case Keys.Right:
            case Keys.Down:
            case Keys.Delete:
            case Keys.Back:
                text = box.Text;
                for (int i = 0; i = 0)
                    item = box.Items[num];
                    str3 = box.GetItemText(item).Substring(text.Length);
                    box.Text = text + str3;
                    box.SelectionStart = text.Length;
                    box.SelectionLength = str3.Length;
                    box.SelectedItem = item;

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    Re: Combo Box for the Windows 7 phone

    A combo box is a component which comes with the drop down list for the use click for the display of the screen. There is a option to select from the associate list. If the list so much long then it will appear in the full screen, otherwise if it is vertical scrollbar then that will appears correctly. The selection of the list is depends on the non-editable text field which is placed in the next to the drop-down arrow in the screen. The current selection is appears in the drop down list which is pulled. Each of the option inside the drop down list will be highlighted, if the user make a choose of any of the option from the list then it will remove previous selection from the list. i this way the combo box works, this is mainly using for the make a choice from the wide range of the file of a list, and you can also arrange the file s with the list by the application.

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