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Thread: Live ID authentication on Windows Phone 7

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    Live ID authentication on Windows Phone 7

    Hey friends currently I am using windows phone and it is superb. And in this I am working on to an application in this I mean on the Windows phone and in that application windows phone 7 need user to login by utilizing his Live ID. So can you tell me that how am I able to achieve this? So please help me in related to this. I have asked this on many of the forum site but till not I have not gotten the perfect solution of it.

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    Re: Live ID authentication on Windows Phone 7

    Actually the phone is always associated along with the one live id. And also there will be an exclusive device id which I think that it can be utilized to recognize the similar device is creating the return visit once you have done any of the authentications which is suitable for your application. So this much I know. Actually I have read this from one of the forum site so I think this will be going to help you.

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    Re: Live ID authentication on Windows Phone 7

    I think regarding this I do not think that there is straight forward answer on the Windows live ID authentication in Phone 7 applications. I want to ask you guys that are there any possible way through which I am able to do that or not. I do not get any solution related to it. I am also looking for the same question. And ya if there is any way so can I have the sample of 5that application or code.

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    Re: Live ID authentication on Windows Phone 7

    At this point there appears to be no alternative in the SDK to do that straightforwardly. You are not able to access the live id which is related to the stuff which is stored contained by the phone. You may be able to someway right to utilize live services when you store the recommendations in your own application. But I actually do not be acquainted with if there is any documented API for accessing Live Services.

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    Re: Live ID authentication on Windows Phone 7

    Regarding this I just want to say that I have read all the post which is given here and I do not think that these discussions do not cover authentication on live services. Actually these topics addresses only the availability of the userís individual Windows Live ID to the 3rd party application. Which you have been seen that it is probably not available at this stage.

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