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Thread: Advantages of Windows Phone 7 over Android Froyo

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    Advantages of Windows Phone 7 over Android Froyo

    I want a mobile phone which is running on the Windows Phone 7 operating system. But I also like the Google’s Android operating system. This make me very confusing to select which mobile phone I have to purchase. I want to some advantages of windows phone 7 operating system as compare to the Android. If you have some information about the WP7 then please help me.

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    Re: Advantages of Windows Phone 7 over Android Froyo

    There are different benefits here based on the two operating system. You also have to check the hardware specs to get a bit more information about the same. Or else it wont be so easy. Rightnow Windows based phone are quiet effective because of its pc like feature. You get ample of apps and pc connectivity also on the same. Android is in its development stage and it might take sometime for getting better. If you are having budget issue then you can try finding models under Android.

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    Windows Phone 7 is a different kind of phone designed to bring together what you care about most. It’s a phone that finds information and presents it at the right time, making it better. A phone organizes things in simple format which makes your work easier and faster. Windows Phone 7 simplifies basic every-day tasks – like managing email or taking and sharing pictures – so you can do more in fewer steps. With Windows Phone 7, the things that matter most like people, such as games, music and video, photos and office productivity are organized through integrated experiences known as Hubs, and fueled by the rich experiences of Xbox LIVE, Zune, Bing and Office.

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