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Thread: External Hard Drive not recognized by MacBook Air

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    External Hard Drive not recognized by MacBook Air

    Hi all,

    Last month, I bought an external hard drive which is from LaCie. The hard drive is of 40GB. When I bought it then I connected that to my Macbook first and that was working properly at that time and after about one month when I gain I tried to connect that with macbook then I found that it was not able to recognize that. I tried almost all the things that I know to get it connected but nothing was helpful to me. Is there anyone who has any idea or any solution that can help me to connect the hard drive to my computer? If yes then please share that with us so that I will be able to solve the issue issue. Thank you very much.

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    Re: External Hard Drive not recognized by MacBook Air

    Which lacie hard drive you are using? There is some of the hard drive that requires they power suppliers to connect. If you are using the one that requires the power supplier then you should make sure that it is connected resolutely from both the sides. Make sure that the cable that you are using to connect the external hard drive to your laptop is proper. You can also try some other cable and see whether it works for you or not.

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    3 mode switch in lacie hard drive

    There are also some lacie hard drives which have 3 mode switches on their back. If there is any switch like this on your hard drive then you should make sure that it is set to on. If that is not on then you will not able to connect that that to your laptop. You will find certain lacies hard drives with a blue button in front of them. Press that button and see whether it is getting connected or not.

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    check hard drive on other computers

    There may be problem with the hard drive that you want to connect to your laptop. To check that whether the problem is with that or not, there are two ways: either you connect any other external hard drive to your computer and see whether it works or not or you can connect your hard drive to any other computer and see whether that detect it or not? According to me the second option will be simpler. Connect it with some other computer and if it is also not able to detect that then it is clear that the problem is with the External hard drive itself and you can go for the solution accordingly.

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    Driver problem with USB

    This can be the driver problem. Just check that the drivers for the USB are installed properly or not? Go to the device manager and see for the usb driver installed. If you found that there is any yellow sign on that then this means that it is corrupted and you need to reinstall the driver. Uninstall the existing driver and install that again to get the issue solved. After doing that also if it is not getting connected then you can download the latest driver from internet and install that on your computer. This will resolve the problem for you if that is related to the driver. I wish it will help you and other users who are seeking for the similar issues.
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    check for the warranty of the hard drive

    You must have got some warranty for the hard drive. As you told that you bought it last month so I think that it is still under warranty. Try that on some other computer and if that is not able to detect that then you can send it back to the manufacturer. They will either correct the issue or if there is any major problem then they will replace that with the new one. I was also getting somewhat similar issue with one and there was one month of warranty left. So I send it back to them and they simply replaced that with another one. Now I am not having any such detection problem.
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