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Thread: Is MacBook Pro suitable for my study field? please help.

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    Is MacBook Pro suitable for my study field? please help.

    I am going abroad for my studies and so I would like to purchase a computer which I will be using during my studies. For this I am thinking of to purchase a MacBook Pro. It will have Intel cpu, 4 GB ram and atleast 160 GB hard disk. Since I would not be working on Photoshop, so I thought it will be enough for me. However I have recently seen MacBook Air. It looks amazing to me. However, its configuration is little less what I have seen in my expected MacBook Pro. It has only 2 GB ram but 256 GB hard disk (more space than mine MBP). So I am little confused which would be best for my studies. Is MacBook Pro suitable for my study field or should I go with MacBook Air?

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    Re: Is MacBook Pro suitable for my study field? please help.

    Do you really need such a high end laptop during your education? I have a Windows laptop which had cost of 1500 approx. and it had provided me all the solutions that I needed during my studies. I have never realized anytime that I should have gone for something else. I had used that laptop during my Computer engineering course. I was also able to play some games like Counter Strike, NFS etc during my free times without any problem. Never ever noticed any capability issues. I don't say that you cannot or should not carry Macbook Pro but according to me its of no use during studies. And if its just the matter of Windows or Apple OS then you can even have some other option which costs less maintaining the quality of products that you purchase.

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    What should be the screen size on your Macbook?

    Well that's individual choice what he likes and what he wants to purchase. And after all no one will be going to purchase separate laptop for studies and for other purpose after few years. Everybody wants to spend once and the best for the rest of the life if possible. No one like to spent on his computer again and again. Talking about Macbook Pro or Air, both are almost similar when it comes to specs. It is but obvious that you will have slight difference in each product and this is why the company has named it differently. The main thing that come over here is the size of the screen that you want. Also how much and for what you will be doing on your computer. Because the heavy usage requires more RAM and more storage requires more hard disk space.

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    Re: Is MacBook Pro suitable for my study field? please help.

    I would recommend you to go with Macbook Pro 15 inch. The reason behind this is that it has a back lit keyboard. It helps displaying your videos, text and graphics in a much better way. Since you will be using your laptop for your studies, then there may be sometime when you have to sit for longer period on your computer which may affect your performance and you easily get tired or something similar. So the back lit keyboard helps is such situation. Which applications will you be using, if you might know, during your studies ? At last, make sure what ever you go with never purchase a thing which can irritate you very soon.

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    Re: Is MacBook Pro suitable for my study field? please help.

    Normally the Macbook is enough to do what you need during your studies or educations. You can also use the same Macbook for atleast 4-5 years with out any problem provided you took necessary care of it in time. But generally, people don't suggest a MAC computer for studies. This is simply because you may require a lots of software and some of them may need high end graphics card. But still that's just the matter of preference.

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