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Thread: iPhone Connected to WiFi but no internet

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    iPhone Connected to WiFi but no internet

    I am having one issue with the Mobile phone of mine which is not giving functionality of browsing on internet even if connected to WiFi network. I am having a Wifi router with which i have connected the iPhone of mine and trying to connect the phone. Device connected properly with WiFi router but when it come to the internet browsing. I am unable to get it working.So if you can then please let me know that about the same. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: iPhone Connected to WiFi but no internet

    If you are using the D-link router then i might be having the solution for your problem. This is the known issue for the D-Link router. All you have to check that your router consist the SecuresSpot option. If the router supports the SecuresSpot option then check whether this disable or enable. If it is enabled then disable the same and try to go with the browsing again and see whether it is working with the issue of your or not. The SecureSpot is a complete, managed Internet security solution that provides the easiest and most affordable way to protect your family, computer, data and personal information from the many dangers and security threats of the Internet. Unique to other consumer software or hardware solutions, SECURESPOT 2.0 Services is a hosted security service that protects at both the network and computer layers, replacing the need for separate solutions. This multilayer technology used by large companies is now available to the home user.
    To know more about the same visit the D-link

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    Re: iPhone Connected to WiFi but no internet

    I am not sure about the issue as i have used the iPhone but as searching for you issue and got some solution on Internet which i am posting here. Just go through the below given information and see whether this is working with the issue of yours or not.
    1. Go to settings
    2. Then to Wi-Fi
    3. Select the network and Hit blue button
    4. Click on "Forget this network"
    5. Again Go to Wi-Fi settings
    6. Select Network and join
    7. Hit Blue button
    8. Go to DNS line and check for the first DNS entry
    9. Delete the first DNS entry.
    10. Click on "Wi-Fi Networks"
    11. Open browser to check for connection

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    Re: iPhone Connected to WiFi but no internet

    I was also facing the same problem with the Wifi connection where i am connected to the WiFi router but unable to get the internet connectivity with the same. I have gone with the many help on the Internet and tried them but nothing is working with the issue of mine. The only thing that worked for me is just changing some setting on the Wireless. So if you can then go through the below given step to work with the issue.
    • Change the wireless network password on your router
    • Click on Setting
    • Then to General
    • Select Reset
    • Click on Reset Network Settings
    • Reboot device
    • Go to the Wi-Fi menu
    • Select your network
    • Type new password
    • Connect the iPhone

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    Re: iPhone Connected to WiFi but no internet

    I am also having the suggestion for the issue that you are going through and after going through all the above replies if you are unable to work with the issue then go with the my suggestion. First thing that i will advise you is to delete the Network from the iPhone Wifi. This can be possible with the help of the blue arrow icon on the network name. Now click on forget this network. After that go to the Wireless Router and reboot the device of yours. Now after the restart of the computer you can go to the Wifi setting and select the network. So go through the same and see whether this is working with the issue of mine.

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    Re: iPhone Connected to WiFi but no internet

    I have got something regarding the issue of yours on the Apple. Just go through the below instruction which will help you with the same.
    1. If you are using a public or commercial network that requires a login or subscription, see this article for more information.
    2. Verify that you are selecting the correct network if you are in a location with multiple Wi-Fi networks.
    3. Verify that the Wi-Fi network settings are correct. You can view and configure network-specific settings, including IP address, DNS, and search-domain settings using the following steps:
      • Tap Settings > Wi-Fi.
      • Locate the Wi-Fi network you are currently using and tap The right arrow button.
    4. If you've verified that your settings are correct and the issue persists, try the following:
      • Tap Renew Lease to acquire a new IP address, DNS, and search-domain information from the Wi-Fi network.
      • Tap "Forget this Network" to reset settings for this Wi-Fi network, including the password. Then try connecting to the network again. Note: This can be useful if you identify a network issue and want to prevent the device from automatically using this network in the future.

    Note: If the Wi-Fi network uses MAC address filtering, you will need to add the MAC address to the access list for the Wi-Fi router. The MAC address for your device is listed as the Wi-Fi address in Settings > General > About.

    Source: Apple

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