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Thread: Using iPhone 4 with AT&T Microcell

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    Using iPhone 4 with AT&T Microcell

    All the calls to my iPhone 4 is tremendously choppy from when I bought it. I am having the AT&T Microcell in my house because AT&T's service on 50' of my street is atrocious. I also found that the calls skip frequently and therefore I figured out that it may b my ISP. I performed a speed test on that and found 20mb down and 12 up. I tried call to some other number and the same thing happens. I changed the sim cards and place it in my 3GS, call working absolutely fine.

    Actually, there are two iphone 4 in my house and both have the same thing. Both 3GSs worked without any problem. It cannot be figured out by the AT&T. Think that it may be the antenna or software issue.

    If anyone else out here is facing the same issue or you have any solution or suggestion or even the reason for this then please post it over here. I l will be very thankful to all replies.

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    Re: Using iPhone 4 with AT&T Microcell

    Have you tried anything for that? If you search for this then you will find that it is not problem with only you, this is a prevalent problem with many users. It is affecting not only iPhones but Blackberries and further smart phones are also getting affected by that. AT&T has not released anything to get it solved. But for the time you can disable the Cellular Data when you are using the Microcell. I hope that this will help you in any manner to solve the problem for you.

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    Re: Using iPhone 4 with AT&T Microcell

    In my case there is only one phone on my microcell and I was also facing the exact same problem with me. To solve the issue, first of all I confirmed that there was abundance of space among my wireless router with my microcell. After that the second thing that I did was just disabled the cellular data as indicated previously. And to my surprise this did the trick for me and I can have the discussion without dropping the call. I can hear some background hiss but that not too much. You should also do this and this may solve the problem for you also.

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    Re: Using iPhone 4 with AT&T Microcell

    Yet I have not tried the cell data thing for this when I was facing the similar problem with the iPhone 4 and Microcell. AT&T told me told me that there is Microcell plugged into an Airport Extreme. They told me that there are compatibility issues by means of the Airport router. He suggested me to plug in the cable modem to Microcell and after that ethernet from Microcell to Airport Extreme. I noted all the things that he suggested me and did this today and it is working fine but I have not made many calls yet to test that.

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