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Thread: only shortcuts displaying in Pen drive

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    only shortcuts displaying in Pen drive

    Please somebody help me. I am in a big trouble. I just bye new pen drive. Some times what happens is there is, It may take much time to open and hang up my PC. Or sometime When i am open my pen drive i see only shortcuts are there in the it of all that i saved into it. The pen drive is showing engaged space by issue but only shortcuts are visible. Is there any problem of virus??? Or any other problems are there if anyone know this than please help me to short out this problem.
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    Re: only shortcuts displaying in Pen drive

    Ya once my pen drive also affected with same problem. So i tried this and my problem solved. If you did not format your pen drive, then check whether the files are not in hidden or unseen mode. Follow the following step:
    Download the AutorunExterminator software. This is the best software. Extract this -- Just double click on AutorunExterminator -- Now plug in your pen drive. This will must remove the autorun.inf files from your pen drive and also from drives. Must try this......
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    Re: only shortcuts displaying in Pen drive

    Once try this, this will must solve your problem. You just Click on "Start"(which appear on lower left corner in your PC) -Run - type cmd and then Click on OK. Here I guess your pen drive letter as H:
    Enter this command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d h:\*.* .
    You can copy the above command - Right-click in the CMD(Command Prompt) and paste it. Don't forget to replace the letter h with your pen drive letter. Now after doing this press "Enter". Now check for your files in Pen Drive.

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    Re: only shortcuts displaying in Pen drive

    Here, I am sure that your problem is must because of the virus. Some times what happens, you insert your pen drive in any PC without checking it with anti virus. so virus come easily from PC to your pen drive. So be careful when you insert your pen drive to any computer. So now do one thing delete all file from pen drive by just selecting ctrl+a. After this trying to format it by right clicking on that drive. Your problem must repair...
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    Re: only shortcuts displaying in Pen drive

    I have some list of ideas to short out your problem. Just check this out:
    • Scan your PC with best anti virus.

    • There might be some virus or Trojan or malware.

    • Use Norton Security Scan or any other anti virus.

    • And ya this is surely a virus infection.

    • Scan your Computer via a good anti virus or try an Microsoft's online scan.

    • Get 'threat fire', This is also the best software.

    • use Threat Fire, But only trouble with Threat Fire is that it uses too much CPU. In general it uses 45-50 % of CPU.

    • If nothing is important in pen drive then try to format it, this is the best way to get your pen drive again in working condition.

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