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Thread: Apple kills off hard disks in MacBook Air

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    Apple kills off hard disks in MacBook Air

    I am using MacBook pro at the moment an want to move to the latest laptop launched by apple as macbook Air which is the latest laptop and features latest functionality from the Mac OS X. I have going through some of the website of it where it is mentioned that there is is no optical discs also it does not have any optical drive, and there is no hard drive physically that means macbook have killed the hard disk in the system. I want to know what thing replace hard drive in the macbook Air? So if anyone having such idea about why there is no hard disk in Macbook Air so please post the reply.

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    Re: Apple kills off hard disks in MacBook Air

    MacBook Air range has moved absolutely to solid-state storage with the initiate of two new models as Macbook Air 11.6-inch and Macbook 13.3-inch. The original MacBook Air it was crucial to have problematical desktop workstation CD syncing technique to make installation from optical discs to the MacBook Air, but this is reduced majorly. Apple eradicated floppies and now these add-ons and modernization again make it clear that it killed optical discs. But it comes up with substitute technology to replace the hard disk or optical discs.

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    Re: Apple kills off hard disks in MacBook Air

    The latest model of Macbook Air omitted the hard drive and placed a new technique to replace it the two new devices, one 13.3-inch and the other smaller one is 11.6-inch. It only has Flash storage to maintain them lighter, it also permit for instant-on access, and expand the battery life. The larger version offers a declare seven to fight hours using wireless. There's no optical drive and there is no hard drive there is Flash storage and complete solid-state storage to replace the hard drive.So there is more advance technology to replace the hard drive thing.

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    Re: Apple kills off hard disks in MacBook Air

    The latest MacBook Air has a minute USB reinstall drive which you can use for drive installation and there is no extra check for external DVD drive. You can just plug the USB without problems and then can reinstalled the OS. Flash storage united with power-efficient Intel Core 2 Duo processors and NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics convey reasonable mobility with great battery life and performance of macbook air. So there is no such thing that hard disc is killed. So defiantly you can move to the latest Macbook Air laptop for all the latest features and performance which will be more than macbook pro with the mac os x operating system.
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