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Thread: google latitude for nokia C5-03

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    google latitude for nokia C5-03

    I have just brought a cool nokia C5-03 mobile phone yesterday. I just want to know whether this phone supports google maps, If yes then which maps are supported by nokia C5-03.

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    Re: google latitude for nokia C5-03

    Yes google latitude is supported by nokia C5-03 through the use of google maps you have to go through the following steps.

    1. Go to in your phone's mobile web browser to access Latitude on or to install Maps for mobile version 3.0+ on your phone.
    2.Open the Google Maps main menu and select Join Latitude. If you can't find Google Maps on your phone, look for its icon on your home screen or in a folder on your phone such as Main, Applications, Games, My Stuff, My Own, or My Downloads.
    3. Sign in to your Google Account.
    4. You can Add friends from your Google Contacts or using their email addresses.
    5. Select which privacy setting do you want.
    6. Start sharing and updating and you can enjoy with it.
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    Re: google latitude for nokia C5-03

    Since nokia C5-03 supports symbian O.S. ,Google maps and google latitude for nokia C5-03 can be easily and freely downloaded from the internet. However, you have to pay some charges for the same to search and use google latitude on your phone. Continuous location sharing uses a lot of data. You must contact your service provider for selecting the plan which will suit you.
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    Re: google latitude for nokia C5-03

    Yes you can use google lattitude and google maps with your nokia C5-03. Its very easy to use and helps you to get suitable information like.
    1 Track a friend who is nearby whom you can meet up.
    2 Check if your friend is at work or home before calling.
    3 Find out if some of your relative is nearby so that you can tell him to bring something to eat.
    4 Follow some of your friend to any location.

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